Mail slams BBC Songs of Praise for filming Calais priest… then publishes his picture

In its hurry to bash the Beeb the Daily Mail has put its interviewee in danger


The Daily Mail reports that a priest in the Calais migrant camp fears for his safety after the BBC’s Songs of Praise filmed at his makeshift church.

Hagos Kesete, 31, worries his family could be targeted by the Eritrean government if they see him on television.

As the Mail puts it:

“Mr Kesete said his decision to pull out of the broadcast is due to fears that his relatives could face repercussions if the images are seen in his home country of Eritrea.”

Nevertheless, while noting the hazard to its interviewee, the Daily Mail saw fit to publish his photograph to illustrate the story.

Mr Kesete’s picture features both in print today and on the MailOnline website – the most visited English language newspaper site in the world.

Good thing we have the Mail to protect us from the BBC’s irresponsible journalism!

Note: The story was published a little earlier by the Telegraph, who also included a photo of Mr Kesete. Luckily, fewer people read the Telegraph website.


The Mail story is squished below others which take a less compassionate approach to the ongoing ‘crisis’. The full-page story opposite gleefully reporduces foreign secretary Philip Hammond’s remarks about ‘marauding migrants’ from Africa.

Indeed, given the context, it’s almost as if the priest story was picked up by the Mail not out of concern for Mr Kesete’s safety, but as a way to bash the BBC…

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