This is the perfect answer to Katie Hopkins’s latest SHOCKING remarks

The best response to the Sun columnist's OUTRAGEOUS opinions






Blank page








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8 Responses to “This is the perfect answer to Katie Hopkins’s latest SHOCKING remarks”

  1. JonathanBagley


  2. Philip Leicester

    Isn’t this just a labour abstention?

  3. Selohesra

    The most sensible article Ive seen on media watch yet – if you dont like the paper dont read it and if you dont like a commentator who is deliberately trying to provoke then dont react

  4. damon

    What’s she said that was so outrageous?

  5. Harold

    I personal hope she stands as a Tory MP at the next election, obviously if elected she would be on the left of party.

  6. Norfolk29

    The people of the UK and their representatives (MPs) need to discuss the end of life question seriously but they are all afraid that their relatives, sons and daughters will sign a paper to enable a doctor (or two doctors) to end their life without their consent because they want their money. Katie is only interested in publicity so don’t expect her to contribute to the conversation.

  7. Jingoistic

    What is the point of clicking on a story just to be given a blank page?

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