1.7 million people missing out on their paid holidays

It has become easier for bad employers to deny workers their full holiday pay says the TUC


Over one-and-a-half million employees are missing out on their legally entitled paid holidays, according to new figures released today by the TUC.

Analysis of figures from the 2014 Labour Force Survey (LFS) found that on average 6.4 per cent of employees across the UK were losing out on their holiday rights.

The regions most affected were London, where 7.5 per cent did not take their holiday entitlements, and the West Midlands, where 6.9 per cent did not take them.

In Northern Ireland the figure was 9.5 per cent and in Wales it was 7.6 per cent.

The greatest concentration of missed holiday entitlements was found in arts and entertainment (13.9 per cent), accommodation and food (12.5 per cent).

The minimum legal holiday entitlement in the UK for an employee working five days per week is 5.6 weeks per year.

Commenting on the figures, the TUC warned that it has become easier for bad employers to deny workers their full holiday pay since the introduction of employment tribunal fees. The TUC also argued that HM Revenue and Customs should enforce holiday.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“As people head off on their holidays, spare a thought for those still stuck at work with bad bosses who break the law by denying staff their full holiday.

“Some employers deliberately stop staff from taking the leave and holiday pay they’re entitled to, whereas other workers lose out from poor management and failure to keep up with the law.”

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