The Sun slams BBC for bosses’ car allowance…which has dropped by over a third

Murdoch's campaign against the BBC continues in today's shoddy reporting


The Sun has revealed the cost to taxpayers of car allowance for 327 senior managers at the BBC.

The paper reports today that ‘the broadcaster spent almost £1.7million on managers’ driving perks over the last financial year’, which they say amounts to £32,000 a week.

What the story leaves out, however, is that spending on this ‘perk’ of a company car for managers has actually decreased since the previous year.

The BBC spent £1,678,207 in the financial year to March 31, as against £2,026,680 the year before – a drop of £348,473. 

The Sun also neglects to mention that the car scheme was dropped three years ago (2012) so that no staff hired since then have had a company car.

As a spokesman for the BBC told the Yorkshire Post:

“Car allowances were stopped three years ago for all new managers. This is reflected in the fact the cost and number of those eligible to receive it has fallen by over a third.”

What the Sun does include, though, is a comment from Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, who has campaigned against the BBC licence fee.

We can expect more of this shady reporting about the BBC ahead of charter renewal, as the Sun’s proprietor Rupert Murdoch lobbies to cripple the state broadcaster. (It’s even rumoured that another BSkyB bid is in the offing…)

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21 Responses to “The Sun slams BBC for bosses’ car allowance…which has dropped by over a third”

  1. Selohesra

    Its interesting that most on the Left refuse to acknowledge the blatant left wing bias of the BBC – and yet when threatened you pull out all the stops to defend it. The funding model is unjustified in the 21st century as its near monopoly on broadcast news.

  2. Cole

    ‘Left wing bias’? This is another daft but sinister right wing myth. Right wingers claim any news that isn’t rightist propaganda is left wing. They just don’t get the idea of objective journalism, and think the BBC should broadcast Conservative propaganda – or be flogged off to Murdoch. In reality, the Beeb takes too much of its news content from the Tory press – and employs Tories like Nick Robinson, to say nothing of Jeremy Clarkson.

  3. swat

    Murdoch is a disgrace. Tell us how much he spends on champagne and soft soaping his clients in order to get lucrative deals.
    The BBC need to do a bit of investigative journalisn and uncover all his sordid secrets, and publish them.

  4. blarg1987

    Please tell us your definition of the middle ground so we can make an informed judgement whether it is left or right wing.

  5. Gavin Curnow

    What left wing bias? News is run by former News International staffer

  6. GhostofJimMorisson

    I said it last week and I’ll say it again: since the election all LFF seems to have produced is feeble anti Mail/Express/Sun/Murdoch articles.

  7. blarg1987

    It is not anti the above, just making sure that we do not move towards a society where the media is controlled by a handful of individuals and their sponsors that focus on stories to further their sponsors and policies rather then reporting the news so we can make an informed decision.

  8. Torybushhug

    Ok an example of left wing bias is found throughout the BBC comedy scene. For example on Radio 4 (which I adore), almost all comedic appearances are full on lefties. The likes of Brigstock, Toksvig, Mark Hamilton, Mark Steel and many more.
    This is indicative of the more subtle ways left wing bias is embedded in the fabric.

    Another example is The Big Questions on BBC1 Sundays. Overwhelmingly the audience and speakers have a left wing bent. For example pious lefty Vicars and Bishops all too happy to castigate capitalism and yet no one asks why then does the COE pension fund boast of it’s over target profit hunting returns all off the back of the workers these Puritans that to be on the side of.

  9. Gavin Curnow

    “pious lefty Vicars and Bishops” ha ha

    Also people on the right just don’t have a sense of humour – that’s why you don’t see many comedians. Obvious when you think about it

  10. Torybushhug

    Areas such as education have been cornered by the left at all levels for decades, why your sudden concern for bias in the system? Us righties have long had to lump it. The left has long claimed the moral high ground and made the rest of us feel somehow dirty for daring to question it’s bland naïve orthodoxy.

  11. RES

    When I hear about “left-wing bias” at the BBC, I would like to read a study that adequately demonstrates the case. I am aware back in the 80s somewhere this was found to be the case, but what happened 30 years is not necessarily the case now.

    Right-wing commentators opine that it’s biased, but back up their claims with nothing but anecdotes or nebulous appeals to “everyone knows it is”. Polls suggest the public believe the BBC is left-biased, but is this because the BBC is left-biased, or because the overwhelmingly right wing press says so often enough that it is believed? Surely people do studies on BBC content. What are the findings of these analyses?

    As for the BBC having near monopoly on broadcast news, I cannot fathom how this can be credibly argued given that any British resident with a TV can access national news such as Sky, ITV, C4 and international media such as CNN, Russia Today and Al-Jazeera.

  12. Cole

    Really? Jeremy Clarkson would have been fired years ago if he’d gone round making offensive lefty comments instead of right wing ones. The Tory press would gone have nuts.

  13. Cole

    Hadn’t you noticed that LFF set up Media Watch some months ago, specifically to call out distortions and lies in the poisonous right wing press? No one else seemed to be doing it.

  14. blarg1987

    Notice in your reply areas have been cornered by the left, one can also say areas have been cornered by the right such as finance and defence for decades.

    Since you are asking me personally I have always had concern about a handful of individuals controlling the media.

    But if you are playing this game, why did you not have concerns since the BBC was first formed? I guess the obvuous answer would be because you were not born then, and that is partially my answer also.

  15. blarg1987

    How many right wing comedians can you name and how many comedians have a right wing views as a percentage of all comedians?

    Comedians are generally left wing, but that’s where the comic genius comes from.

  16. stevep

    What passes for left wing today was right wing 30 years ago. The BBC has always been accused of bias when it suits and upheld as a model broadcaster when it suits by all political colours. Lets not forget that it is probably the most respected and diverse broadcaster on earth, we`d all miss it if it no longer existed.

  17. gunnerbear

    There is this as well… The BBC has the dominant position in broadcasting because of the licence fee and it’s shear size. The BBC news website has all but smashed local newspapers. If the BBC isn’t full of left wingers, why does it onlly advertise in jobs in the Guardian? And look at this, in his own words, “We need to foster peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, stubborn-mindedness, left-of-centre thinking.” Apologies for the multiple post but my browser is playing up!

  18. gunnerbear

    Mark Steel caned Miliband over and over on the News Quiz. Like him or loathe him, few comics would dare do this….

  19. stevep

    Left-leaning comedy, although not a new phenomenon, took off in the early `80s as a reaction to the smug, racist, sexist, right-wing sitcoms and shows that had passed for comedy since broadcasting started ( just watch old episodes of “The Comedians”, “Wheeltappers and Shunters social club”, “On the Buses”, “To the manor born” etc. ). The new wave of comedy (Alexei Sayle, Rik Mayall, Ben Elton, The Comic Strip, Not the nine 0` clock news etc.) was a breath of fresh air that swept old attitudes and stereotypes away and ushered in a new era of programming less concerned with mother-in-law jokes and dirty old men chasing half-naked women and concentrated more on social interaction and how people were coping in a harsher economic world (Only Fools And Horses, Bread). Political satire became popular again ( Spitting Image, Yes Minister ), and rightly too.
    So please let`s have less of the far-right tired old “lefty hypocrisy” chestnut and more of a balanced view of programming over all the channels since broadcasting began.

  20. Sean

    There are a great many educators today who are far from left wing – to the extent they voted Tory or UKIP.
    To maintain that teachers and lectures are left wing is both weak and lazy…

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