The Sun is asking women readers to send in bikini pictures… and subscribe online

Sexism every day as the newspaper launches 'Bikini Week'.



So says the Sun today as it launches its ‘Bikini Week’, with a big plug on its front page. So, what is ‘Bikini Week’?

Sun launches bikini week

Well, women readers are encouraged to take pictures of themselves in swimming costumes and send them to the newspaper. The Sun will then pick the best, er, picture and award the winner a luxury holiday in Greece.

Contrary to appearances, the paper insists this is actually an empowering and broad-minded exercise. It kicks off the, er, fun with ‘Miss GB’ Shelby Tribble, who says:

“People think you have to have a perfect figure to look good in a bikini but I think that’s simply not true. As long as you style it with a smile, everyone looks fab in a bikini.

Whatever shape or size you are, whatever age, there is only one rule when it comes to bikini dressing – if you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

This stirring peroration, (which she definitely said, and was definitely not written by a press officer or Sun writer), is followed by the small print on how to enter the competition. (Wait, if it doesn’t matter how you look, why is it a competition? What standard is being applied to judge the winner? This is all very confusing.)

It says women who take off their clothes and are judged to be ‘runners up’ can receive a whopping £100. But then it adds:

“Entries are open to Sun+ members only. If you’re not a member, you can sign up at”

So women readers – of any age or ‘shape’ – are asked to strip, pose for a photo in a bikini, then sign up to breach the £8 a month paywall on the newspaper’s website.

Then they can send in the photo and have the pleasure of being judged by other women – and of course, male Sun readers and subscribers.

Happy summer everyone.


The story launching ‘Bikini Week’ is written by Sun feature writer Emily Fairbairn, which means it cannot possibly be sexist.

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