Sun mocks ‘Red Andy’ on petrol price. But Cameron didn’t know the price of bread

Tory class war against Burnham simply draws attention to their own privilege


The Sun has gone for Labour leadership hopeful Andy Burnham today over his not knowing the price of petrol.

But would the Tories fare any better?

When asked at a GMB conference in Dublin, the MP for Leigh said a litre of petrol cost £1.60, rather than £1.16, the average cost of unleaded petrol.

As you can see, this is a rather small error – the two numbers even sound similar.

But the Sun continues with the Tory attack-line de jour, accusing Burnham of being too left-wing and union-backed, but simultaneously a posh-boy hypocrite.

At the Dublin conference, the would-be Labour leaders were asked the cost of a TV licence, a prescription, the minimum wage, and the price of a loaf of bread.

What the Sun fails to mention is how its favourite Conservative politicians fare under similar questioning.

When Boris Johnson was asked in 2013 how much a pint of milk costs, his guess was off by 200 per cent. He told the BBC: “I don’t know how much a pint of milk costs. So what?”

Prime minister David Cameron, when asked a few weeks later, admitted that he did not know the price of a loaf of bread. He prefers to make his own bread with his very own breadmaking machine (starting price: £139).

As chancellor George Osborne raised VAT on hot takeaway food in 2012, he was at a loss to remember the last time he ate a pasty from Greggs bakery.

This is another case of the limits of Tory class war rhetoric. By attacking Labour MPs in this way, conservatives simply draw attention to their own privilege and ignorance of the lives of readers and voters.

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19 Responses to “Sun mocks ‘Red Andy’ on petrol price. But Cameron didn’t know the price of bread”

  1. Foullaini

    So the argument is their man is just as out of touch as our man, that’ll work.

  2. Tony

    Ed Miliband forgot to mention the deficit in a speech.
    Cameron left his daughter behind in a pub.
    Incidentally, Cameron frequently ‘forgot’ the deficit when it came to tax cuts, wars, Trident replacement etc.

  3. JarrowPete

    Actually, it shows the rank hypocrisy of the the so called (dare I call it?) “newspaper”…..

  4. Selohesra

    Hypocrisy? – you mean like the Guardian & BBC who ran the Cameron Price of Bread Story?

  5. JarrowPete

    Yeah, exactly. I may be left-wing but I can spot hypocrisy from ALL parties and organisations when I see it.

  6. JonathanBagley

    They are way less than £139. In fact £94 if you want the sultana hopper or £85 without. I’ve got a Panasonic (with hopper, which I’ve never used), which I would recommend. A 70/30 wholemeal/white works out at 50p a loaf. And a loaf stays OK for 6 days

  7. Torybushhug

    Burnham boo’d yesterday by Labour and Union delegates for not coming down clearly as against the welfare cap. Labour has learned nothing, sponging and spending is all they amount to.
    The glorious English thousand year Tory reign is upon us. People want prudence, a Purtian work ethic, personal responsibility, and end to excuse making, a rejection of the offence gathering liberal meme, they want a sovereign wealth fund and a surplus.

  8. Selohesra

    Fair enough – can’t argue with that 🙂

  9. Cat

    Is ‘Red (insert name here)’ the only insult the right wing press know?

  10. Cole

    Er, it was 36% that voted Tory; nearly two thirds of us didn’t.

  11. AlanGiles

    If these stories mean anything it is that the Conseravtives and their press supporters are more frightend of Burnham than they are of Cooper or Kendall. I think Andy Burnham is more canny than Ed Miliband and will beat them at their own game – Miliband played into their hands (as did his clever brother -remember the banana?)

  12. damon

    Just for the record, Cameron was thrown by the nature of the question. His first answer was about right – over a pound I think he said, but the radio presenter was asking about the cheapest loaf you could get and he spoke of the Tesco Saver white sliced which is crap, and under 50p.
    Cameron didn’t give that answer – and why should he? Everyone knows bread is up around a pound to a pound fifty. It depends on what you buy. You can get brown sliced for 75p in Saintsbury’s which is OK, or pay more for granery etc.
    It was a trick question basicly.

  13. MariaJTorres


  14. Patrick Nelson

    no they know “randy” as well, but they just haven’t found a suitable story yet.

  15. Harold

    What about his football team?

  16. Harold

    WE shall see, firstly i doubt they want it, or should I say they realise the cost, secondly your list may well prove undeliverable as the EU referendum is quickly turning out to be, in that the expectations of the press and the Tory voters and what Cameron will deliver seem miles apart.

  17. Kathryn

    Like those terminal cancer patients, making excuses about why they can’t work, and the disabled making excuses for why their limbs won’t grow back.

  18. Big Kev

    It was actually 24% of those registered who voted Tory. 75% of us did not vote Tory

  19. Big Kev

    It was Red Ed it wil be Red Andy or Red Jez, Red anyone who leads Labour it is no use complaining about the Sun before Murdoch there was Beverbrook Rothermere or Nothcliffe. The only thing that one can say is that the Sun is best suited to one arm readers

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