Presenter blasts Mail for gossip column about her date with Charles Kennedy – run days after his death

Annabel Giles hits back at Daily Mail tattle about 32-year-old news


TV and radio presenter Annabel Giles has told the Daily Mail to ‘fuck off’ after it published a gossip column about herself and former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy, just days after his early death aged 55.

The paper’s slime chief Sebastian Shakespeare ran a piece yesterday about the former model having dated Kennedy once in the 1980s.

But Ms Giles, who wrote a best-selling novel for Penguin in 2001 and appears on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff, hit back at the paper on Twitter.

Responding to the piece, titled ‘Annabel: My tryst with sad Charles’ and Tweeted by a Mail reporter, she said:

Ms Giles received support from people on Twitter:

She added:  

Ms Giles also took a swipe at the Mail reporter’s identifying her primarily as musician Midge Ure’s ex-wife:

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7 Responses to “Presenter blasts Mail for gossip column about her date with Charles Kennedy – run days after his death”

  1. redteddy

    The Daily Mail, the paper of lies and the historical love for the Nazis, is a disgrace to public decency. The toilet roll is a defender of everything that is wrong about Britain.

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  4. Juliet Peters

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  5. Juliet Peters

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