Daily Mail says boats of migrants should be stopped ‘by any means necessary’

The Mail's call for action against migrant boats from Libya is arguably worse than Katie Hopkins's


Most of the papers this morning have reports from aboard HMS Bulwark, the Royal Navy vessel whose crew has rescued 1,200 people attempting to reach Europe via the Mediterranean.

The invitation to reporters was likely part of a public relations drive to show the good work Britain is doing to help those fleeing war and persecution in north Africa and the middle east.

The Daily Mail was suitably impressed by the boys and girls in blue, but had some concerns. Its leader column today said:

“Isn’t the grave danger, however, that by providing would-be illegal immigrants safe passage to Europe, the government risks encouraging even more people to make this perilous journey – with potentially catastrophic consequences?”

Surely the ‘grave danger’ for the people directly affected is in Syria, from where many of them have escaped, and where they risk being blown apart, raped, tortured or beheaded on camera. Others are fleeing war and persecution in Eritrea, Somalia and Afghanistan.

If people are willing to risk death by drowning to get away from this, they don’t require any ‘pull factor’ from the Royal Navy.

The column chuggs along:

“The only sustainable way to tackle this crisis – Defence Secretary Michael Fallon estimates 500,000 migrants may be preparing to make the trip – is to stop the boats leaving Libya in the first place, by any means necessary.”

‘By any means necessary’ – that is how the column ends.

It’s quite novel to read the Daily Mail echoing the famous words of Malcolm X, though I doubt either party would welcome the association. But one is left to wonder where this militant position takes us.

What policy does the Mail actually favour? A naval blockade of the northern coast of Africa? Should the Royal Navy open fire on boats they suspect of carrying migrants? Or perhaps use explosives, of the kind and from which the boats’ terrified passengers have likely fled?

Tough talk without specifics is very dangerous. Katie Hopkins was at least clear on what she wanted in her infamous piece for the Sun

The Daily Mail ought to clarify what ‘stop the boats leaving Libya in the first place, by any means necessary’, actually means.

Adam Barnett is a staff writer at Left Foot Forward. Follow MediaWatch on Twitter

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33 Responses to “Daily Mail says boats of migrants should be stopped ‘by any means necessary’”

  1. swat

    The strategy is bound to fail, because the one thing stopping it is ‘compassion’ and basically these so-called refugees have us over a barrel, and the know it and will play on it for all its worth. They will push their children and pregnant women and their invalid forward to tug at the heart strings. There are half a million on their way, and there’s very little we can do to stop it. Unfortunately the countries in the Med are hit the most, but I imagine a large number will find their way to the UK in due course. Unless something drastic is done.
    We had these problems with the Somali pirates, and the influx from Calais Sangatte, but we still haven’t worked out how to stop them.

  2. Matt Booth

    I’m not in favour of blowing these ships out of the water, but they should be sent back to where they initially come from.

    I consider myself left wing, I really do, but I’m not in favour of letting these people just land on European shores and end up in the UK.

    Adam writes “Surely the ‘grave danger’ for the people directly affected is in Syria” – but these boats were near Libya, not Syria.

    Regardless, I don’t agree with the insinuation in the Daily Mail, but I don’t agree on granting them asylum now they’ve tried to cross illegally into the EU. Send them back to where ever the ship come from and have them go about the proper means.

  3. Harold

    That is why I do not read the Mail, my newsagent keeps it on the “top shelf” or out of site makes customers ask for it. The problem with the Mail it supports or provokes some very extreme views.

  4. Jacko

    Just because a viewpoint is extreme does not make it necessarily incorrect. The belief that the world was round was once an extreme viewpoint. So was the belief that smoking causes cancer. Extreme viewpoints are what challenges and progresses mankind out of the humdrum middle ground belief of the masses.

    Incidentally, there’s something symbolically left wing about your newsagent. The fact that he believes his customers are like small children and need to be protected from themselves in a pseudo paternalistic way. He knows what’s best for their money. The fact that he seeks to impose his viewpoint and values on them. The fact that he doesn’t understand the free market or even how to run a business. Why doesn’t he just let the people who want to, buy the paper and think for themselves?

  5. Cole

    A lot of these people have ended up in Libya after fleeing the war in Syria (and Libya itself is a total mess). The question – and I don’t know the answer – is what we do about this. We shouldn’t wash our hands of the issue, not least as you can in part trace back the problem to endless European interference in the Middle East.

  6. Egon Krebs

    and your solution is? to simply allow ANYONE who can get to Libya to get on a boat and migrate to Europe? indefinitely?

    why not then just open the borders, and move the entire population of africa, the middle east, afganistan, etc to move to europe? that is the logical conclusion of the current policy.

  7. Ian

    The fact you think we operate in a free market is fairly funny.

  8. Ian

    Why not try causing merry havoc in their country with our ‘interventions’ n the first place?

  9. blarg1987

    Unfortunately any solution will have problems.

    My view is that we should go into Libya and Syria through a UN mandate and set up a safe zone, in which people fleeing persecution can reside and rebuild the economy in said zone.

    Once the smoke has cleared form the warring factions, then those people can move out of the safe zone and help rebuild their country instead of the current system of being assimilated into another society and not wanting to go back home after.

  10. Mick

    Pouting leftists have defecated where they eating, in the words of fellow leftist Kruschev. Left-wingers have ruined their own political environment.

    For decades, the mantra has been to do us a favour, open the doors and let ’em in. All in, no upper limit, as Blunkett said. Now we have overloaded infrastructure and housing demands, depressed wages and exploitative employers.

    The public are sick and tired of ever more migrants/refugees and the Mulitculturalism coming with them. More people are prone to just say ‘Sink the boats as we have too many people already.’ Or something else, like sending the army in to smash whichever nob-ends can’t rule Africa properly since the imperialists left.

  11. damon

    I’m still waiting for Adam Barnett’s solution to this problem.
    This morning I heard that they are now using inflatable boats and are getting picked up only tens of miles off the coast of Libya. As reporters have said, if they go far out to sea on these and are not rescued in time those people are in very real danger of drowning.
    If we come in even closer people would start swimming out. We are being ”drawn in” by people being so wreckless with their own lives.
    The more we rescue, the more will hear about it in their home countries and set out for Libya.
    The logical solution would be to lay on ferries from the Libyan coast. Maybe we could ask Egypt to allow ferries from Alexandria for the Syrian people so they don’t even have to go to Libya.
    We’ll be taking in at least a million a year into the EU this way – indefinitely, so one thing we could do would be to decide who goes where? How many will the Eastern European countries take? Not many maybe. So Western Europe will have to take the majority.

  12. JoeDM

    Rescue them, clothe them, feed them, then send them back.

  13. JoeDM

    Why should any come the the UK?

    We are full up.

    Send them back.

  14. swat

    …. but they must be stopped, because this sudden and unwelcome influx has a huge impact on the host communities.

  15. stevep

    Perhaps, in a fair and decent world, The Mail would be prevented from publishing it`s far-right mind rot “by any means necessary”.

  16. Matt Booth

    I agree, we shouldn’t wash our hands of the issue, but we can’t house the entire of the middle east, not eve one boat full.

  17. louielouielouie

    I’m guessing your solution, Egon, is something akin to the Final Solution. You must be great fun at family events, going on and on about Nigel Farage and repeating ‘BRITAIN IS FULL’ again and again until you finally pass out and your family breathe a sigh of relief, your wife ushering people out of the door mouthing “I’m so, so sorry” with tears in her eyes.

  18. louielouielouie

    Ah, the kippers have arrived!

    You do realise, Joe, that people move around all the time, don’t you? Just because you’ve never left your mum’s house doesn’t mean your ancestors didn’t once get off their arses and go elsewhere.

  19. louielouielouie

    Oh my god, HALF A MILLION on their way?!?! You mean like when the Mail and Farage and all the other lunatics said there were TWENTY NINE MILLION Romanians on their way?

  20. Torybushhug

    I know lets encourage all the fit young Men to abandon the helpless, the disabled, the destitute and the children in favour of a life in the EU. Yep, that will help repair their society.

  21. Torybushhug

    Ah that quaint old chestnut.

  22. Torybushhug

    Lots of places such as Morocco are perfectly good destinations, no reason for hoards to head to the EU.

  23. Ian

    Is that it?

  24. blarg1987

    Again that causes economic strain in Morocco and once they had enough will displace them. Also Morocco does not necessarily want people who are of different beliefs to them so will want to offload those people and again, people would be assimilated as Morocco citizens and not go back when the dust has settled.

  25. louielouielouie

    Perhaps he’s just trying to make a point, Jacko, just like you are. His point makes far more sense than yours though. Your interpretation of ‘left wing’ as meaning ‘paternalistic’, for example, makes absolutely no sense at all.

  26. gunnerbear

    Extreme views? That is exactly why the Labour Party had the s**t kicked out of it – they simply didn’t listen to the people at the bottom of the pile who got hammered when the Labour Party threw open the doors to all and sundry and still wants to do so. The Red Mob knew the damage being done to those at the bottom of the pile as it allowed the UK to be flooded with low skilled, cheap Labour but it didn’t care – it still did it. Labour is still so ashamed of it that they won’t even talk about the issue. Want to hear ‘extreme views’ on things like immigration & law ‘n’ order – get yourself into a pub in an area where cash and jobs are hard to come by and listen to the voters.

  27. Harold

    I was trying to be ironic, sorry if I failed. Personally I do not buy any newspapers save my locals as a protest against all of them, phone hacking, bias, distortion, infusion, bullying and many other faults, indeed there is only one thing worse than our free press and that is a press that is state controlled, but I fear we are going that way now we are a “One Party” state.

  28. Harold

    I assume the low paid immigrant are different from the immigrants who are only here for benefits, which is the other angle. Lets once again blame the people with no power, not even a vote rather than those with the power who pass the laws who decide when and where a school will be built or a hospital shut, who do nothing about the massive fraud in the City, were not some banks fined millions yet again this week for actions since 2007 not before?

    I suggest you have absolutely no evidence for your assertion that the U.K. was: “to be flooded with low skilled, cheap Labour” your capital letter not mine. Much more evidence that the lowest paid are affected by poor education, lack of training, exploitative employers, Trade Unions with their hands tied, unbalanced employment laws and many other social issues. All the time we blame others these ills will be with us, if you would care to read any social commentary books from 100 years ago you will see the same issues described and at that time the solution was to also blame the poor, the immigrant the unskilled the people without the vote.

    One other point please do not assume I support the Labour Party or its present policies, equally I did not see any political party other than the Tories, who won the election, do well, there are few prizes for coming second, yet it is their policies since 1980 which have left us where we find ourselves. Finally I find it astonishing that the world simply absolves its self from any responsibility for the situation millions of innocent people find themselves in and at the same time turn their backs, I as a Christian in a tolerant educated Country will not forget the words in the bible about helping one another and our neighbours.

  29. gunnerbear

    in essence, you’ve said “of course the Labour party threw open the doors to the scum, flotsam and jetsam of the world and gave their chums in business a crack a huge pool of dirt cheap labour….but it’s the voters fault they’re angry and can’t see the benefits of being overrun by foreigners.” And you wonder why Labour is rapidly becoming dead and buried. No evidence about mass immigration – the population has rocketed, demands for services and homes has ballooned, some schools don’t even have that many children in them who speak English as the main language. Stick your head in the sand all you want – but unless Labour stands up and says, “Yes we’re sorry we s**t on you at the bottom of the pile….” they aren’t going to ever get close to power again. Remember the Labour advisor who admitted the whole point of flooding the country with immigrants was to try and make it impossible for the right to win again – lo and behold, the small ‘c’, , conservative, working class voters are now in the process of killing Labour off for its treachery. I know former Labour voters who will now never ever vote Labour again as those voters can see the impact mass immigration has had in terms of how difficult it is for their children and grandchildren to even get their foot in the door as agency work is rife and tends to ‘pick foreign’ in any case. The same voters can see their childrens rent climbing through the roof thanks to the demand for housing caused by the mass arrival of the immigrants. You can talk in the ‘large scale’ of the banks, of HMG, of the world, but the people I know care about ‘them and theirs’ and will never forgive Labour. Not now and probably not ever.

  30. Harold

    Thanks for putting words in my mouth or adding comments I did not make.

  31. gunnerbear

    Sorry, you’re quite right, I should have said, “It appears to me that you’ve said…..”. It was slack writing on my part to not make it clear it was my interpretation of what you’ve said.

  32. knisa

    These are not refugees. If they were refugees, they would be content to land and make new lives in Turkey or Italy or Spain, where they first find safe harbor. But they burn their passports, refuse to register as refugees, and try to cross into Germany and Sweden. Why? They are economic migrants, not refugees.

  33. Lyn Steimel

    Shame on you!! With most of the EU “looking the other way,” giving “lip service” to the mounting immigrant crisis, and turning their backs on desperate refugees fleeing middle eastern wars, droughts and famine! Of all the EU countries It’s England and Spain who have miserably failed, and shown the rest of the known world, the worse of humanity by choosing to shirk their humanitarian duty towards those fleeing the terror of war, rape, torture, beheadings and ISIL in Syria, and Lybia Or those fleeing war, and persecution in Afghanistan, famine and droughts on the African Continent. And Why? For political power! They have decided to sacrifice others rather than create some” political tension “for their parties” England and Spain would rather be part of a ” smear campaign” against refugees and economic immigrants seeking a safe haven than part of the solution! Germany’s Andrea Merkel has offered to take 800,000 refugees this year, and England? So far around 166 war refugees this year. Merkel has proposed a new quota system which would see refugees fairly distributed among all 28 EU states. And from Downing Street? Silence. In Germany, thousands of ordinary Germans have volunteered to help the refugees now arriving daily. A Berlin-based group, Refugees Welcome, which matches refugees with people willing to give them a room, has been flooded with offers. More than 780 Germans have signed up. In Britain, the refugee crisis has been less acute. There are signs here too, however, of ordinary citizens wanting to contribute. A pro-refugee rally in central London is planned for 12 September, just before the Brussels summit. The organisers said it is vital that May “takes with her the conviction that the British people that she represents are open to helping refugees.” They added: “We can’t continue to allow thousands to die trying to reach the EU and their legal right to claim asylum.”

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