SNP on course to gain all Scottish seats

Meanwhile polling shows that Nicola Sturgeon is the most popular leader in Britain


The SNP are on course to gain all 59 seats in Scotland, according to a fresh poll out today.

The data, compiled by Ipsos-Mori for STV, puts the SNP on 54 per cent of the vote, up two percentage points since January. The Labour Party is languishing on 20 per cent (down four points). The Tories are up five points to 17 per cent, whilst the Lib Dems are up one point to five per cent. The Greens are down two points to two per cent and UKIP are on one per cent.

According to electoral calculus, this would see the SNP pick up all 59 seats in Scotland.

The poll comes just a day after a Survation poll for the Daily Record put the SNP in Scotland on 51 per cent of the vote, with Labour on just 26 per cent. Replicated nationwide, this would hand the SNP 55 out of Scotland’s 59 seats in the House of Commons.

This in turn came a day after polling by TNS put the SNP in Scotland on 54 per cent of the vote, compared to Labour on just 22 per cent.

Similarly, the latest poll of polls compiled by Professor John Curtice for the What Scotland Thinks website puts the SNP on 50 per cent of the vote, 25 percentage points ahead of Scottish Labour.

With Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy warning that the SNP gaining half or more of the votes cast in Scotland would turbo charge the country towards a second independence referendum, John Curtice has warned that Labour’s problem in Scotland could well be its leadership.

Assessing Miliband and Murphy’s poor standing in the eyes of Scottish voters, he concludes:

“If disaster does strike Labour on May 7th the party may have to conclude that, however good the tunes it played during the election campaign, it just simply did not have a good enough organist to attract listeners’ attention.”

Meanwhile, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has the highest net approval rating across Britain of any political leader, just over a week before voters go to the polls.

That’s the finding of a poll conducted by TNS for the Herald newspaper in mid-April and published today.

It shows that across England, Wales and Scotland, Ms Sturgeon’s net approval rating is  +33, a record for TNS. Following her is Nigel Farage on +12 and David Cameron on +7. Ed Miliband’s net approval rating stands at -8 whilst Nick Clegg is on -22.

When looking just at Scotland however, Ms Sturgeon has a net approval rating of +55, the only leader to have a net positive north of the border. She’s followed here by Ed Miliband on -2, David Cameron on -7. Nigel Farage on -15 and Nick Clegg on -34.

The findings are a reflection of the profile the SNP leader has secured nationwide as a result of the televised leaders debate, and will be seen within the party as a vindication of her strategy to embrace and woo the UK as a friend rather than an adversary.

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