POLL: Should Britain hold an in/out EU referendum?


Former Labour prime minister Tony Blair returned to the fold this week. Or to be more specific, he returned to warn that the Conservative promise of an in/our EU referendum was a sop to UKIP that risked unleashing economic uncertainty should David Cameron win the General Election.

Critics responded by labelling Blair (and by extension Ed Miliband, who has ruled out an EU referendum should Labour win power) anti-democratic.

Now we want your view. Whether you support Britain’s membership of the European Union or not, should Britain have an in/out referendum? Is it, as some suggest, anti-democratic not to have one, or could the same be said about lots of things which we do not – and should not – hold referendums for?

We want to hear from you. The result of the survey will be published next week.

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20 Responses to “POLL: Should Britain hold an in/out EU referendum?”

  1. Leon Wolfeson

    And you’re demanding an email address for a mailing list again – and it looks like not even double opt-in, which breaks basic policies on spam, so not doing the poll.

    Anyway, as a British person whose politics stand within the spectrum of Atlee to Thatcher (nearer Atlee, sure), who both totally opposed referendums for good, democratic reasons…no. People decide every general election, and UKIP does not have a government-forming majority.

  2. wj

    Yep – no need to consult the people.

    Let’s do away with that antiquated process of voting in General and Local Elections as well.

    Nobody had a say on the Lisbon Treaty, which created expensive institutions that an austerity-ridden European population has to borrow money to pay for.

    The whole thing stinks.

  3. Guest

    See, smell dosn’t travel across the internet. It’s you, as you advocate your views again.

    Clearly by your post, to you, general elections are voted on by “nobody”, as you whine about democracy costing money, and praise your austerity and borrowing again, stinker. A good capitalist smell of money for you, no doubt!

  4. JohnRich

    Depends upon the rules under which the referendum were held. Any referendum that allowed the EU to dominate the media by its deep pockets or allowed non-British EU residents to vote would be utterly invalid.

    This poll is utterly invalid. I did not vote.

  5. JoeDM


    I did not vote in the poll.

  6. Guest

    So. For *this* referendum, you want new and special rules to prevent the foreign spending which dominated the AV referendum. And you are unaware of the fact that “non-British EU residents” can’t vote in referendums, showing your complete ignorance of the issue.

    So right, you’re just trying to rig things, and won’t vote in a fair poll for silly reasons. The good reason is of course “demands your email”.

  7. AlanGiles

    A referendum has been offered, and there is a great deal of interest in it. There should be a poll, and I don’t think it is “brave” of Miliband or Blair to refuse it – espeially in Blair’s case as it is well known he covets the top job within it, which, given the man’s meglomania, is not surprising

  8. Guest


    Same old.

  9. Matthew Rees

    The decision was made years go, move on.

  10. royaljester

    British people should be allowed to vote on any number of policies that affect them. This is how Norway is managed and that country is a lot more successful for it. Politics should be a lot more transparent than they are, and the people should be informed of legislation with honesty. After all, our government is in office to serve the people – we should not have to serve the government!

  11. royaljester

    Yes, unfortunately! and it has proved to be the biggest mistake in our history. To move on we have to correct the mistake before we can move into the future.

  12. royal jester

    UKIP may not hold all the seats required for a majority, but it does have the support of the majority of the electorate. I would like to see this ‘seats’ bias removed. The voting system should be on a heads count.

  13. Matthew Rees

    It is impossible to prove that it was a mistake because we do not have the counterfactual case to make the comparison with, all we can do is try and guess what the world would have been like if we had not joined the EU but that could only ever be a guess with no real evidence to support it. I voted to stay in and am happy to stand by that decision.

  14. Leon Wolfeson

    No, it does not, at all. ~14%, in fact.

    And you want a pure party list system? Oh dear.

  15. sarntcrip

    more like 11% and falling tonight’s pathetic party political broadcast will only remind their support is steadily falling as people realise they’ve been duped by another rich tory boy ho has no clue hat it’s like for ordinary people without wad of cash
    demonising foreigners achieves nothing!

  16. Leon Wolfeson

    I was talking about long-term vote trends.

  17. Leon Wolfeson

    So you, for the record, support voting reform? PR?

  18. Markwhoami

    No … why would we leave the EU … economic suicide … even the Americans have warned us about being so dum

  19. PhilW

    No – leaving the EU would be a disaster for UK trade, jobs and global political influence. The only reason the Tories are planning one is because Cameron hasn’t been able to control his ideologically-driven backbenchers. The “people haven’t had a say” argument is bogus – are the Tories demanding a vote on UK membership of NATO and the UN? Of course not. We’ve made a decision – accept it and move on.

  20. Selohesra

    But we do know that we were lied to about what joining the Common Market involved – we were told it was not about creating a European Superstate merely a glorified Free Trade area – I don’t blame the European politicians of the time as I think they were open about ultimate aims but the British politicians such as Heath & I’m afraid Thatcher must have known what was coming. Its not as if the likes of Foot & Benn (and Enoch Powell) were not warning us of this – they were just dismissed as loonies

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