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Journalism isn’t merely something wielded by powerful businessmen to protect their interests


MediaWatch is crowd-funding so we can keep on bringing you media analysis that cuts through spin and misinformation in the right-wing press.

With your help we can continue to scrutinise the media this election and beyond, and ultimately improve media practice and strengthen our democracy.

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MediaWatch writer Adam Barnett said:

“During this election we’ve seen an extraordinary campaign in the conservative press to influence voters and control the political discussion.

“We live in a culture where the papers write more about politicians’ kitchens than the appalling growth of foodbanks.

“Journalism isn’t merely something wielded by powerful businessmen to protect their interests.”

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Adam Barnett is a staff writer at Left Foot Forward. Follow MediaWatch on Twitter


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5 Responses to “MediaWatch is crowd-funding. Help us monitor the right-wing press”

  1. JoeDM

    This is an attempt to restrict the freedom of the press.

    If you don’t like a paper don’t buy it.

  2. John Gibson

    No, it’s an attempt to alert people to the ways in which the press lies to them whilst pretending to hold powerful people to account.

  3. W.E

    Are you thick or just deliberately posting this shit for a response? A fucking blog isn’t restricting anything you inbred dog.

  4. Leon Wolfeson

    You’re objecting, in fact, to freedom of speech – monitoring what newspapers say.

    No wonder you’re, as an ideologically blind Tory supporter, objecting to having misinformation revealed, though.

  5. Cole

    These right wingers don’t like to be called to account. It’s typical they whine about their ‘freedom’ when it’s suggested they might stop lying.

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