Media Watch: Mail rips Miliband’s ‘communist’ kitchen. But what of Cameron’s breadmaker?

This kitchen class warfare is silly, but if it counts the Prime Minister comes out smelling of flour

David Cameron’s kitchen

How much can you tell about a politician from his kitchen? According to the Daily Mail, quite a lot. Columnist Sarah Vine is not impressed by the kitchen at chez Miliband featured in a BBC profile of the Labour leader’s wife, Justine. In her piece today Vine detects a vision of the communist dystopia that will overtake Britain if Ed Miliband is elected in May.

But what does David Cameron’s swish kitchen say about his political intentions?

First though, let’s look at Sarah Vine’s piece on the Milibands’ kitchen. She writes: “I hope for their sake it’s actually their utility room, and that some bossy spin doctor has shoved them in there to make their £2 million-plus townhouse in North London’s trendy Kentish Town look less fabulous and bolster Ed’s man-‘o-the-people-image.” The spin doctor must have been very bossy indeed to have ordered the Milibands to install a built-in oven for the picture. (Cameron meanwhile would never try this ‘man-of-the-people’ schtick…)

Vine continues:

“Miliband’s kitchen looks as though they’ve only just managed to clear away the tumbleweed in time for the photo-shoot. […] There’s nothing here that makes me believe that he and Justine are not, in fact, aliens.

“Perhaps they get their nourishment from the fruits that grow only in the rarefied atmosphere of the moral high ground. Or perhaps they’re both just so holier than thou that they no longer require any nourishment other than the knowledge of their own righteousness.”

She goes on to discuss Ed Miliband’s wife Justine, whom she paints as “cerebral” and humourless: “All that is reflected in that kitchen. It’s the kitchen of a woman who considers domestic matters well below her pay-grade.

“No home-making for Justine: she’s far too busy sticking to her feminist principles as an environmental lawyer.” Back in the kitchen, Justine!

Vine concludes by lamenting the Milibands’ “communist-style egalitarian lino”, adding:

“And that is exactly what we will get if Ed wins the election. An austere, self-conscious and, ultimately, hypocritical society of socially engineered equals.

“A Britain made in the image of that sad, self-consciously modest Miliband kitchen: bland, functional, humourless, cold and about as much fun to live in as a Communist era housing block in Minsk.”

I think it’s obvious that this ‘kitchen class warfare’ is more than a little bit silly. But if you’re going to do it, how would the Camerons’ kitchen come out under the same scrutiny?

As the Mail reported in January, in notably different tones, David Cameron’s £25,000 spacious kitchen of stainless steel is full of pricey utensils and furniture, including a £1,600 lamp, an £800 cooker and a £140 toaster. ­He also famously doesn’t know the price of a loaf of bread, because he makes his bread with his very own breadmaker (starting price: £100). How out-of-touch can you get?

Perhaps under Cameron we can expect a cold, slick, and soulless Britain led by a Prime Minister who, like some Bourbon monarch, is so out-of-touch with the lives of working people that he doesn’t know the price of a decent loaf…

It’s silly to draw political conclusions from household furnishings. But if you want to extrapolate a vision of a future Tory government from David Cameron’s kitchen, imagine a bag of shire flour being poured into a pricey breadmaker, forever.

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23 Responses to “Media Watch: Mail rips Miliband’s ‘communist’ kitchen. But what of Cameron’s breadmaker?”

  1. JustSaying

    The DM article was vile but at the end of the day, that is not Ed Miliband’s kitchen. It’s probably the nanny’s kitchen in a separate self-contained apartment within the house. So that’s the main issue here. Goes back to trust again.

  2. R

    Oh come on, that is obviously not the kitchen the Milibands use on a daily basis. It’s the au pair’s/nanny’s. They had themselves photographed in it to looks less privileged. And this from the man who claims to not worry about photo ops?

  3. Cole

    Ah, a hatchet job by Mrs Michael Gove…

  4. jean graves

    More electro polished stainless steel in his kitchen, than can be seen in a NHS surgical operating theatre.

  5. Guest

    Go ahead and prove it.

  6. Leon Wolfeson

    Quite, because steel requires expensive sterilisation for surgical use.

  7. Guest

    Two near-identical comments, right. Yea, you can’t be trusted.

  8. JustSaying

    Similar point made but I can assure you, by two different people! It doesn’t take a genius a work out that’s not their main kitchen, other people may well have spotted it too! Plus I did say that the DM article was vile. It was totally unacceptable in every way. I’m merely pointing out that politicians – of all parties – do have a problem with trust and it’s compounded by this photograph.

  9. Mike B

    Justine said in her interview that there would be personal attacks made by opponents. This is just a rather silly one. Mind you the Daily Mail was the sponsor for many years of the curiously named ‘Ideal Homes Exhibition’. Obviously one person ideal are others nightmares.

  10. R

    I’ll ask him next time I see him and report back to you if you like. In the meantime;
    Seems this is just a second kitchen next to the sitting room. Everyone has one of those, don’t they? Maybe there’s a 3rd one for the nanny.

  11. AlanGiles

    Articles like these are ridiculous. Does anybody really believe there is much difference in the opulence of the lifestyles of the Camerons and Milibands?. Does anyhbody really believe they fully understand the worries of ordinary people, many of whom are trying to cope with short term part time or even “no hour” contracts (“ah but we can be sacked at any time” say the politicians – well, a lot of people would be very happy to have a 5 year contract at £67,000 per annum minimum, which is what politicians have – plus of course “allowances” that will pay for anything from food to a pornographic DVD).

    Miliband is not a communist any more than Cameron bought his breadmaking machine as a special offer at Lidl. There is as little difference in their mutual policies of austerity as there are in their pampered lifestyles. Most politicians today are smug self-satisfied no nothings, some of the most graceless, bovine and charmless men and women ever to be seen in public life. That Labour can regard Jon Cruddas and Lord Peter Meddlesome as great intellects, show just how deep their problems are. That they can imagine Tessa Jowell, with her remortgaging scams and friendship with Berlusconi as a suitable candidate for London Mayor, shows just how far into the gutter they have fallen.

    It would be funny, if it were not so sick, to hear the likes of Lady Margaret Hodge, Keith Vaz Duncan-Smith and Damien Green to pretend outrage at the naughtiness of others while they conveniently forget their own outrageous expenses capers.

  12. Selohesra

    Looks like you are wrong on this Leon – even BBC and Guardian picking up on his two kitchens 🙂

  13. Eileen Morris

    My retired husband never earned a massive wage in fact it was always less than the national average but we have a lovely kitchen with a large range cooker, (cost more than £800) so there

  14. Kenny Carwash

    To be fair, a bread maker is an economical purchase if you can afford the outlay. You can make a small loaf for about 15p, so it’ll pay for itself inside a year.

  15. Kenny Carwash

    Is that anything like the large range cooker Mrs Vine had installed in her home a few years ago, for a similar price, that was charged back to the taxpayer?

  16. Keith M

    Isn’t vine the wife of that prat gove? Need one say more.

  17. Guest

    So you’re saying I’m “wrong”, Lord Blagger, on something I didn’t say.

    You’re you as usual.

  18. Selohesra

    You are correct in that I am me – but as ever wrong on everything else. Also i always post under same name rather than hiding behind a ‘guest’ – i seem to remember you claiming your polytechnic skills could track my IP address or something geeky – so shows you are just full of BS

  19. Eileen Morris

    No idea what type Mrs Vine installed

  20. Eileen Morris

    If as Ed Miliband said they do not use the main kitchen how was the ‘friend’ able to state it was a lovely kitchen

  21. Guest

    Yes yes, I’m wrong to support pensions, not hate the UK, not being a far right winger.

    You hide, Lord Blagger, behind different names all the time, as you make false claims about what I said I could do, as you attack Universities and education as usual.

    You’re crapping here, as usual, as you go on and on about something I never said.

  22. [email protected]

    A mean-spirited and unworthy piece piece of bile, but what else would you expect from her. The poor woman has to take it out on someone – after all she is married to Michael Gove and writes for the Daily Mail. Her cup of woe truly runneth over!

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