The cost of another Tory government

A continuation of the Bedroom Tax will cost households £3,800 over four years


Figures released today by the House of Commons Library have predicted the cost of another Tory government for families forced to pay the bedroom tax. Over the course of a five year parliament, families would pay £3,800 to the flagship Tory policy, which would be continued in the event of a re-election.

Labour’s shadow minister for Welfare Reform Helen Goodman said:

“Hundreds of thousands of people will be forced to pay £3800 under the Bedroom Tax if the Tories win again. This shows the big choice for the country in May, Ed Miliband will scrap the Bedroom Tax, David Cameron and Nick Clegg will continue to force hundreds of thousands of families to pay this cruel and unfair tax.

“There aren’t enough smaller properties to move into, so people are left with no choice but to pay up leading to more debt and arrears. It is another example of Tory Welfare Waste. The Bedroom Tax is cruel and unfair and will be scrapped if Labour wins in May.”

Critics of the Bedroom Tax have pointed out that the government were fully aware that there were not enough smaller properties for families to move into. Their original impact assessment stated that:

“If all existing social sector tenants wished to move to accommodation of an appropriate size, there would be a mismatch between available accommodation and the needs of tenants.”

So far, the Bedroom Tax has cost people an average of £14 a week. According to research carried out by the National Housing Federation, two thirds of households affected cannot afford their rents.

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6 Responses to “The cost of another Tory government”

  1. AlanGiles

    It seems to me that there are sections of “Labour” themselves who want another Tory government. The recent outpourings of Darsi, Hutton , Charlie Clarke and even Tom Watson, not to mention Milburn (even though the latter has vested interests) seem to bear the fingerprints of Mandelson up to his usual tricks. Hardly helping Labour’s cause.

    With snakes like these slithering around you can almost feel sorry for Ed Miliband

  2. Dave C

    am afraid that your figure of £3,800 is too low by quite a margin. If you want the real answer try googling SPeye who had done the sums for you.

  3. alan budimirovic

    I totally agree

  4. sarntcrip


  5. Leon Wolfeson

    Labour’s overall policy, moving right, is what I’m interested in. Not personalities.

    It’s policy I can’t vote for, not personality.

  6. Leon Wolfeson

    This is one small step. But then it’s “no further”. That’s the problem, and it’s more a headline grabber than any kind of systematic policy. Labour don’t plan on helping the vast majority with their rents.

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