Salmond fails to get Commonwealth boost

Alex Salmond’s hopes of a Scottish bounce as a result of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow have been dashed.

Alex Salmond’s hopes of a Scottish bounce as a result of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow have been dashed, according to the latest polling on Scottish independence.

According to the latest data collected by TNS-BMRB, 45 per cent of those questioned backed a no vote in next months’ referendum (+4 points from a month ago), 32 per cent expressed support for independence (unchanged) and 23 per cent said that they were undecided (-4 points).

The polling goes on to show that of the 71 per cent of all adults polled who said that they were certain to vote in the referendum, 46 per cent said they would vote no, unchanged from a month ago. 38 per cent plan to vote yes (up one percentage point), with 16 per cent undecided (down 2 per cent points).

Outlining the difficulty that the yes campaign will now have in securing the votes needed to achieve independence, Tom Costley, head of TNS Scotland, said:

“The fact that opinion among those certain to vote is holding steady is consistent with our previous polling, which has shown that voters on both sides are firmly committed to their views.

“With only a few weeks until the referendum, the hopes of the Yes campaign rest on winning over most of the dwindling number of undecided voters – at the end of last year, 25 per cent of those who said they were certain to vote had not made up their minds: that important pool of voters is now a third smaller.”

The polling came as the BBC has announced details of the second clash between Scotland’s first minister and the leader of the Better Together Campaign, Alistair Darling.

The clash will take place on the evening of the 25 August at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow and will be available to watch on BBC One Scotland and on BBC Two across the whole of the UK.

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8 Responses to “Salmond fails to get Commonwealth boost”

  1. Chilbaldi

    Their commonwealth bounce failed.

    Their staging of a ridiculous Bannockburn re-enactment in order to boost the Yes vote failed.

    Their policies have failed.

    Their lies have failed.

    Just what are they smoking over there at Bute House?

  2. No No No...YES

    Chilbalidi, Can you explain which policies have failed?

  3. Gary Scott

    Is Salmond on the ballot?

  4. Gary Scott

    The Commonwealth Games were organised to popularise Alex Salmond? NB I note that the Bannockburn Commemoration which was long organised, was having to compete with Armed Forces Day celebrations hastily organised by a cash strapped Stirling Council, they were awarded the Armed Forces Day celebration by the MoD without having first carried out any kind of feasibility study or financial checks to see if they could afford to stage the event, the MoD didn’t ask and there was only an initial submission, no other rounds of competition. Stirling Council began an inquiry into how this had come about prior to the event going ahead as there was no shortage of councillors denying responsibility for putting the council further into debt. Its sad that this was used to try and detract from the Bannockburn event which was, after all, very well attended. Sad that folk only think in tribal terms instead of properly examining the issue. A small hard core have embarrassed themselves with their hatred and attach themselves to the Better Together campaign which has seen fit to encourage their behaviour.

  5. littleoddsandpieces

    Those voting no cannot even begin to think that they want to be ruled by a political party, for which Scotland never votes into government.

    The Tories will cause an all out revolution in Englnd and Wales by abandoning the poor to penniless starvation, that has risen 70 per cent since 2010.

    The old will be left in penniless starving from 2016 to those women born from 1953 nd men born from 1951.

    Housewives, divorcees, widows and poorest workers get no state pension for life from the Pension Bill 2014.

    Along hundred of thousands of woman, I will get a massively reduced state pension, even if I could survive 6 years without state pension payout (lost to women at 60 from 2013, whilst wealthy women MPs kept pension payout since 2012) by the rise from 30 to 35 years NI credits needed.

    Scotland’s MPs did not vote for the welfare reform that is causing such cruelty to the most vulnerable, starving children and even death.

    We are doomed in England, unless Labour wants to win big in 2015 and offers 2015 manifesto pledges to revoke the Welfare Reform Act and the Pension Bills 2010 – 2014, and Labour takes on board The Greens’ 2015 manifesto pledge of:

    – universal non-means tested Citizen Income, non-withdrawable, in or out of work.

    Labour could even gain the 41 lost Labour MPs (even bringing Scottish Labour MPs into England and Wales if needs be) in new seats in England or Wales, and form a majority government the like not seen in living memory in 2015.


  6. Guest

    You want to cause that revolution, by your logic. You. Personally. Because you’d rather see Scotland run away than fix the issues.

    That you whine about losing a pension at *60*, that you link to extremist organisations…

  7. Julian Gibb

    Amazing watching those polls. The converge for months then spring apart. They then converge again and spring apart. It’s almost as if they are being managed.

    It is truly unfortunate that all the socialists in Scotland are behind YES except Labour. You must feel proud of Jackie Baille defending a Tory post on Foodbanks being a European norm.

    Scottish Labour should be ashamed of this type of language. The BT team took it down but Labour defended it.
    Last night we had a Labour MSP stating that the Tories were defending the NHS in England and that no cuts were taking place.

    Have any of you every watched Scottish Television?.

  8. Guest

    So you’re taking issues with the polls because they don’t show what you want.

    Well, how surprising. Labour are doing the same nationally, and it’s going to lead to them losing as well at current trends.

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