Video: Tony Blair smacks down a ranting Nigel Farage

Whatever your opinion of the former prime minister, he certainly knows how to take the argument to Nigel Farage.

Whatever your opinion of the former prime minister, he certainly knows how to take the argument to Nigel Farage

Almost everyone has an opinion as to what the left needs to do in response to the electoral rise of UKIP. Everyone up to and including the former prime minister Tony Blair (who everyone also has an opinion of).

But whatever your opinion of Labour’s last elected PM – and we that know many progressives will never forgive him for his role in the Iraq war – he certainly knows how to take the argument to Nigel Farage on the issue of Europe.

This video, from way back in 2005 (interestingly, a year after UKIP had done well in the 2004 European elections) offers an invaluable lesson to today’s progressive, pro-European politicians in how it’s done – regardless of your opinion of Blair.

Watch and learn, and never apologise for being in favour of a united Europe.

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21 Responses to “Video: Tony Blair smacks down a ranting Nigel Farage”

  1. Foullaini

    We get open door immigration driving down the wages of British workers.

  2. TRAV1S

    Blair used the word reactionaries to describe those who did like the EU. “Reactionaries” is exactly the same word Stalin used to describe people who disagreed with him, just before he had them shot in the back of the neck.

  3. Liam Fairley

    Comparing Blair to Stalin…really? It’s said those who make comparisons to Hitler and the Nazis have lost the argument; I think the same can be said in this case.

  4. Zool

    I agree, whatever you want say about Stalin or Hitler they were never traitors like Blair.

  5. Liam Fairley

    I really don’t know why you bothered with this article, Mr Bloodworth. It will be dismissed instantly with the accompanying ‘Warmonger’, ‘Neo-con’, BLIAR’ tags.

  6. Liam Fairley

    That’s the most banal, ignorant comment I think I’ve ever heard

  7. Jon Stone

    Close the door and see if those wages stop going down. They won’t. Because immigration isn’t the cause – it’s just the scapegoat, the thing that’s easy for idiots to rail against. If you want better wages and better employment conditions, ask for reforms in employment law.

  8. Liam Fairley

    And labelling anyone with even the slightest reservation against immigration as an idiot is helpful? The evidence suggests that immigration has a very small impact on average wages, but hits those at the lower end of the spectrum hardest whilst benefiting those middle to higher earners. Check out for more info

  9. Jon Stone

    I’m not labelling “anyone with even the slightest reservation against immigration as an idiot”. I’m labelling anyone who believes immigration is the primary cause of low wages an idiot. And I don’t mean ‘idiot’ in the sense of unintelligent – I mean it in the sense of someone who makes the conscious choice to choose or believe a stupid thing.

    Immigration only ‘hits those at the lower end of the spectrum hardest’ because employers are allowed to get away with offering poor terms and conditions that immigrants accept more readily (I’m not suggesting this is because of innate virtue on their part). That isn’t the fault of the immigrants; it’s the fault of the employers and our collectively allowing them to get away with it.

  10. Sparky

    But let’s take an example. Say the job of a plasterer pays £20 an hour. But suddenly a group of immigrant workers arrives who will do it for £15. Who would you employ? It’s not breaking any laws to pay them £15. They’re willing to work for that and I’m willing to pay it. It’s well above the minimum wage. So what laws would you invoke? On what basis do you envisage the state stepping in to prevent that transaction? Is there anything immoral about it anyway? I can’t see even a moral dimension. It’s just simply what happens when people from a poor country like Poland (who are used to working for a lot less) arrive in a rich country like the UK. Wages are driven down.

  11. Mike.

    Typical Blair, he doesn’t answer any of the questions, just like Cameron, who obviously took lessons from him.

  12. HD2

    Blair the liar.

  13. Blairite

    and of course we have now seen all the reforms that provide a permanent solution just as Blair promised in the clip, economic growth and stability in Europe as he promised, and a solution to the Common Agricultural Policy by 2014 as promised during his presidency.

    Whilst Farage was complaining that 2014 was a long time to wait, of course Blair was right about all these things and the benefit of waiting until now shows how grateful Farage should be.

    This video proves that the funny guy will always be proved to be right. In fact, he was even right about Iraq and Afghanistan too as we all know.

  14. Liam Fairley

    Brilliant.Thanks for your contribution. Is this what passes as debate in this country today!

  15. Frankie D.

    Why would they need to wait for immigrant workers to arrive before lowering the wage?

  16. Sparky

    Because all markets (and labour is a market) are an agreement of consensus value between buyers and sellers at any one time.

    Let’s say you run a greengrocers. You sell oranges for 50p. But you really want to charge more. So you put the price up to 60p. You still sell a lot of oranges but slightly less than at 50p. So you bid the price up to 75p. Relatively few buyers are willing to pay this price since they can go to greengrocers down the street and pay 50p. But suddenly, there’s a typhoon which wipes out the orange crop that year. Oranges are now scarce. All greengrocers can now put up their prices.

    The typhoon represents an exogenous shock to the market that permanently alters prices. That is the equivalent of large numbers of Polish immigrants offering the price of their labour at greatly reduced cost. All market participants must now adapt to the price being bid down.

  17. grahamew

    As ever, there were no questions from Farage. Just rabid ranting xenophobia. No solutions, nothing constructive. It would be rude to young people to call his attitude adolescent. Its worse than that. It’s populist, isolation, dangerous politics of the past.

  18. Kryten2k35

    Making comparisons to Hitler does not lose you the argument. Making false comparisons to Hitler does.

  19. Frankie D.

    So, you’re saying that people don’t move around within a country, which has the same effect on lowing wages. Also, that population numbers or the number of people in different industries don’t change either.

  20. Cana

    Tony should hang by the neck till dead like Saddam did for his crimes against London

  21. Alex Lunk

    Farage came across way better than Blair — the latter had the entire room behind him and still just managed to squeeze out some platitudes. Farage may be a dangerous idiot but half-assed unprincipled vaguness like Blair’s isn’t the answer. And by the way, why are we celebrating a war criminal?

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