David Cameron cannot allow the chaos at the DWP to continue

Today we will urge the government to come clean about the impact of delays, chaos and failing programmes at the Department for Work and Pensions.

Today we will urge the government to come clean about the impact of delays, chaos and failing programmes at the Department for Work and Pensions

In February a constituent came to my surgery after her husband had suffered a stroke. She had given up work to look after him, they were getting behind on mortgage payments and couldn’t afford to get by.

They had tried to claim Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Employment Support Allowance (ESA) but were forced to wait months for an ATOS assessment.

We referred the couple to a local food bank and pressed the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to act quickly. But tragically her husband died in March without ever having had his ATOS appointment.

His wife is now ill and struggling to cope following her bereavement. She too has tried to claim Employment Support Allowance, but has come up against appalling delays and is still waiting for a decision about her claim.

Sadly there are thousands of people across the country who have done the right thing but are being failed when they need help the most because of the government’s chaos, delays and incompetence.

And Iain Duncan Smith’s failure to deliver an effective benefits system not only affects the lives of those like my constituent who needs, it undermines the prospect of a fair and affordable system for everyone because public money is wasted on crisis management and failing IT projects, rather than on supporting those who really need it. ‬

That’s why Labour will demand Iain Duncan Smith gets a grip of his failng department in a debate we have called in parliament today.‬ We are urging the government to take three simple steps to improve its handling of the benefit system.

‬First, we want the government to tell people like my constituent just how long they should expect to wait for a disability benefit assessment and to set a time limit to stop the unacceptable delays.

The government’s chaotic handling of disability benefits has caused huge distress for thousands of people and the cost of clearing up the mess threatens to cost taxpayers millions. Over 700,000 people are stuck in the backlog waiting for decisions about Work Capability Assessments which they need to claim Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

And delays aren’t confined to Employment Support Allowance with thousands of people stuck in an enormous backlog for Personal Independence Payment assessments. This is causing huge uncertainty, stress and hardship for thousands of disabled people waiting for decisions on new claims.

And tragically, people have died waiting for assessments. At the current rate it will take over 40 years to clear the huge assessment backlog which ministers have allowed to build up.

So today Labour will urge the government to guarantee a time that disabled people will receive an assessment for PIP rather than leaving people waiting for month after month for a decision.

Second, the government must urgently get a grip on its chaotic Universal Credit programme, which is currently wasting millions of public money on failed IT. Chaos within the £12.8 billion programme has brought delivery of Universal Credit shuddering to a halt. Iain Duncan Smith promised one million people would be claiming Universal Credit by April 2014, but the latest figures show less than 6,000 people are receiving this new benefit.

David Cameron once said that sunlight ‘is the best disinfectant’, but this doesn’t seem to apply to the DWP. For months ministers have refused to publish important documents which will reveal problems with Universal Credit.

Last week an upper tribunal judge refused consent for the government to appeal a previous ruling that the government should comply with a freedom of information request to publish the risk register and other documentation relating to the delivery of Universal Credit.

If the government continues to refuse to be open and transparent about the failings which have left Universal Credit in crisis the problems will only get worse. That’s why we’re calling on the government to publish the risk register, and to call in the National Audit Office to conduct a full review of the programme, and help work out just what is going wrong.

Third, we’re calling for the government to be clear about just how much delays and waste at the DWP are costing, and how this will affect the government’s cap on spending. Since 2010 David Cameron’s government has spent £13 billion more than planned on social security because of their failure to deal with the causes of rising benefit bills from low pay to lack of housing.

In March 2014 the Office for Budget Responsibility in March 2014 found projected spending on Employment and Support Allowance alone had risen by £800 million since December and earlier this month the BBC reported the government was in danger of breaching it’s welfare cap because of these rising costs.

The cost of the government’s failure to control social security costs will fall on taxpayers. We believe it’s completely unacceptable that people who have worked hard and have paid in are threatened with a huge bill to pay for the government’s chaotic and incompetent handling of social security. Ministers have refused to reveal how rising costs will affect their spending plans.

Today we will urge the government to come clean with the public about the impact of their delays, chaos and failing programmes on the social security budget.

David Cameron cannot allow the chaos, delays and waste within the DWP to continue. The huge backlog of disability assessments, spiralling delays to Universal Credit and threats to the social security budget are causing huge distress and hardship for thousands of people and threaten to add hundreds of millions to the welfare budget.

The government must act now to end the appalling indignity which so many vulnerable people are experiencing when they most need our support.

Rachel Reeves MP is shadow secretary of state for work and pensions

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43 Responses to “David Cameron cannot allow the chaos at the DWP to continue”

  1. Kryten2k35

    This Tory lot just need evicting from Office as soon as possible. I think it’s quite clear that the whole department is being obtuse with people on purpose to delay claims and deny people money they’re entitled to. There is no other explanation for it.

    There’s no justification for it. For example. If you notify the DWP about a change in circumstance that means you’re entitled to less money. They stop your payments for up to 6 weeks, then continue, and refuse to back pay (or back pay an amount not equal to what you were entitled to over the period). The same is also said if you’re entitled to more money, you inform, them, they stop your payment, and then restart again, less than the actual entitlement, and refuse to back pay properly. Or perhaps you inform them about a change in circumstance (for instance, a new born arrival, which means you are entitled to more) and they reevaluate you, without the newborn? Do you think they own up to this mistake and correctly back pay you the amount from when you started the claim? Nope. Even though it’s their mistake they stick to this 4-6 weeks back pay policy, despite that their bungling made it 16 weeks. They owe you 16 weeks, they pay you 4 weeks.

    This simply encourages people to be dishonest. Why mess around with your benefits payments if it means you’re going to be messed around and enter into arrears with everything you need to payout (especially in the case of housing benefit).

    There is no other explanation for this other than Tory viciousness.

  2. LB

    Sadly there are thousands of people across the country who have done the right thing


    And what’s the right thing?

    Lets see. They paid you and others tens, hundreds of thousands of pounds of NI. After all, people like you told them, “Cradle to the grave” in exchange for their NI.

    Then like any good socialist, you looked at the money and said, why don’t we spend it now, and you did. Trillions of it.

    Then when people like this need their money back, you and the Tories tell them to bugger off. After all you’ve spent the money, there is none. Just a 9 trillion debt.

    The mess is caused by people like you. You created it and now you want to turn around and say, let us fix it. It’s the nasty Tories, or migrants, or ….

    Now if the people mentioned had been allowed to save their NI, invest it, then by and large they wouldn’t have a problem. All you need is a proper safety net for support for those whose money has run out.

    For Kryten.,

    There’s a very simple explanation. There is no money. There’s a 9 trillion debt and no capital. That’s the welfare state.

    They spent all the contributions on wars, 5 a day coordinators, trillions on fighting poverty all to no avail.

  3. Ruby

    The Conservatives are not fit to govern this country. As for Labour, they’re not as bad but they’re also terrible. Britain is in political crisis where no real political power is able to skilfully manage the country’s economy. All the politicians on the scene from every party are good at criticism and bad at solutions.

  4. jakerleen

    My husband has severe bipolar and was moved from DLA to PIP as his award was up 22/5/14. He only had his medical assessment last week after 2 previous cancellations, which left him suicidal. Now we’re in for the long decision wait. The letter for transfer started 8/6/14 telling us to contact within 14 days or lose the DLA he was awarded until May. Yet we’re waiting forever with him feeling more like killing himself as time goes on. They agree I sent in loads of evidence from his GP and psychiatrist, yet he’s still going through hell. I suppose if they wait long enough and he does end it all “that’s another one off the books” is how they look at it.

    Im interested in what will happen to indefinite awards of DLA after 2015? If Labour are in power will they leave them alone? Those people went through hell to be indefinite so it would be better to give them some peace rather than the turmoil my family are enduring at present.

  5. Guest

    Yes, because you’ll murder all the workers, the assets. That is how you’ll MAKE a situation with no assets, genocide. Your plan, proudly displayed, Boris!

    Keep talking about the negative cash people could have saved after they’d paid for unemployment insurance, negative savings, your “plan”. You’re a common garden scammer.

  6. Leon Wolfeson

    And how will Labour be better? They haven’t really said.

    Simply “guaranteeing” a time, without the cash for it…and they’re still committed to pressing forward with the PIP and it’s “savings”.

  7. Leon Wolfeson

    Continue? He’s pushing forward UC to make things far worse. In-work conditionality will extend the same chaos to millions of the poor, spreading distress far and wide.

    (It subsumes housing benefit, remember, so stoppages will lead to evictions, and of course there is both major processing delays AND sanctions are still soaring…)

  8. LB

    You need to consider if there is any solution bar defaulting. ie. Not paying out.

    There isn’t. The amounts owed are too large. They’ve been hidden from you, so its not unreasonable you think there’s a solution. Money in a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow etc.

  9. treborc1

    We have two choice Tories and Tory Lite and I to be honest cannot see the slightest difference between the two.

  10. treborc1

    No Labour are backing the PIP’s and the indefinite awards are now gone they have ended because PIPs are a totally knew benefit. as it goes on of course and they see the same people winning and it’s costing, and because it’s obvious people these people will not get better they may bring it back, sadly for now it’s gone.

  11. LB

    3 year plans. 5 year plans. More tractors for all.

  12. LB


    Now ask why?

    It should be about a choice of solutions. The problem is that there are no solutions to a state that is 9 trillion in debt (borrowing and pensions), bar not paying in full.

  13. denise clendinning

    i was assessed 3 times before i received indefinitly and it took 5 years yes we went through hell to get it and i think it is wrong to prove i have COPD all over again.

  14. Kryten2k35

    Well, I sisn’t suggest they were. I just want this Tory lot of con merchants out of Downing Street (and as long as they’re not replaced with UKIP, I don’t give a shit).

  15. Kryten2k35

    People like me? The working poor and University student? We created this? What a pile of shit.

  16. LB

    If you support socialism, then yes you are creating the mess.

    It’s very simple. If you take money for people and spend it, then when it comes to paying people back the money and you don’t then its creating the mess. If you support that you have to take responsibility for it.

    Now where you get an excuse is if you aren’t told about what is going on.

    Hence the simple question.

    How much does the state owe for its pensions? It has no capital because the money was spent. Pure socialism, not capitalism, because there is no capital.

    So as a university student, are you not clever enough to realise what’s been done with the cash?

  17. Fae Sidhe

    Labour need to offer an ALTERNATIVE. That means, instead of promising to be “tougher than the Tories”, we need a Welfare State and an NHS, both working to help the vulnerable, whether old or ill or unemployed. Both were founded when the nation was heavily in debt after the Second World War; yet in spite of crushing debt, the post-war governments gave us both, and also full employment!

    Anything less is a move away from a civilised society and a descent into barbarism.

    What else would help this poor poor (intentional double use of the word “poor”) country of ours? Joined-up thinking is a good place to start:
    1) Social cleansing of the poor from the London area means that people cannot afford to live in the area where, by independent figures, 70% of the available jobs are being created. I know that and I don’t even LIVE down there. Will people notice, when shops and businesses in central London have to close because they cannot get staff, as there is nowhere they can afford to live?
    2) Michael Heseltine was the “champion of Liverpool”, after travelling up to look at the deprived areas after the 1980s riots. They got investment due to his patronage, but “The North” is a hell of a lot bigger than just Liverpool and jobs flat-lined all over the North, not just in one city. The South escaped the carnage at that time and are only just getting hit the way the North has been. One of the few employers in the North has been the State. Now getting hammered by cuts in that sector, with, according to the press last week, 1,000,000 jobs still to be culled, who is going to be left in work?
    3) Tesco and other supermarket chains have posted plummeting profits.
    Awww, what a shame.
    Maybe it’s the fact that, (what with Workfare and zero hours contracts and jobs not paying anything near a living wage) people are HAVING to change their shopping habits. The fact that low-cost supermarkets are raking it in seems to suggest that is the case.
    *High street shopping areas are becoming ghost towns. Well of course – people are not being paid a wage that will cover more than the basics. Disposable income is, for most people, a distant memory.

    *Perhaps the Tories will not keep their reputation as friends of big business. After all, what happens to big business, when no-one can afford their goods and services?

    Capitalism, unfettered, devours itself. It is the true parasite of society.

    4) Most people in surveys are in favour of the railways and utilities being re-nationalised. The people in favour came from all sides of the political spectrum. Let’s admit it, finally: Privatisation HASN’T worked.

    The arguments in favour of Privatisation boil down to one: The tricky subject of the state having to subsidise poor performers.

    Well we STILL have to subsidise them; but with the annoying fact that dividends get creamed off before we get the service we as a nation are supposedly paying a subsidy for. That’s not even COUNTING the fact that any profits are NOT used to update the infrastructure. No, for that the companies extort extra money from the treasury AND hike our bills!

    5) If Labour think they can get in by just appealing to the chattering classes in the South-East, they may find themselves getting a shock in 2015. People in “The North” are turning to UKIP in large numbers, as was seen in the Local and Euro elections, in May.


    Because they regard Tories as “Blue Conservatives”, LibDems as “Yellow Conservatives” (you must admit, they have a point) and, unfortunately, many think of Labour as “Red Conservatives”. New Labour may or may not be dead, but most hanker for a socialist (RED) Labour Party.

    They went for UKIP mainly because they are the only party that hasn’t shafted them. (Many haven’t realised that UKIP are “Purple Conservatives” yet)

    We want and need a socialist government – we haven’t had one for 35 years. People look around and see jobs that need doing. There IS plenty of work to be found. What is utterly lacking are people willing to PAY for that work to be done – including our government.. Corporate Welfare and Tax breaks are especially galling, when those who benefit most from this government’s largesse also turn out to be the ones who are NOT paying the taxes they should. Tax avoidance and evasion is another insanity – it would, if the “loopholes” were closed, make “Austerity” completely unnecessary.

    Ordinary people, I assure you, HAVE realised this.

    The Policy review that is taking place should take these obvious policies and run with them. The current government has no mandate: it did NOT win the election. It’s policies are nothing more than a thinly-veiled asset-stripping the small amount of wealth that our country still owns. They are putting through a bill having it’s second reading which will result in a new “Enclosures Act” for our times: selling off publicly-owned land, in the disguise of making planning applications more streamlined. This after their new “Poor Law”, which has led to so many deaths. If TTIP is passed, we will also have NO DEFENSE from corporations insisting on GMOs, hostile takeovers, etc.

    The LibDem Party has committed electoral suicide by propping up such damaging changes to our society. The LibDem Party Conference should book London as it’s venue for 2015 – I’m told they still have the old-fashioned phone boxes there.

    It is said that the NHS will be lost forever if Labour loses the next election. If that happens, Labour will not be forgiven, that they allowed a clear shot at an open goal election to be missed by trying to chase people who were NEVER going to vote for them anyway! Surely someone in the party has noticed that when socialist announcements are made, Ed Milliband’s popularity skyrockets, while it drops after he has a “Red Conservative” policy announcement?

  18. Kryten2k35

    I study computer science, not economics.

    For any kind of record, I’m a social democrat. I think died in the wool socialism, the removal of private property and profit, is insane.

    However, I think it’s you who lack the capacity to understand. The will be no run on the pensions sector. 30 million people aren’t going to come of pension age tomorrow and demand their state funded pension. Do I think it’s deplorable that the government is moving the goalposts on state pensions, yes. Do I think the government should keep all National Insurance payments for pensions and pensions alone? No, because that’s not all NI covers.

    And, please, the spending of state pension money is socialism? Please, tell me more about how the money was spent and how it is in hedgefunds and bonds? Are those Socialist tenets? I think not.

    You think that, as a recipient of state benefits, that I’m part of this problem?

    My partner works and I study full time at a University several miles away. I’m not eligible to work (in the eyes of the government) and even then it is not at all feasible for me to work alongside my studies, my duties as a father all the whilst allowing my partner to work as well. Something would have to give, and I decided that was working, since graduating and acquiring a graduates job benefits me more than quitting University to work (just because some pompous arsehole on the internet might sneer at me) and giving up my duties as a father is simply out of the question.

    Wages are not in line with the living wage and the housing crisis means that private landlords are snapping up any property and charging inflated prices for rent (yay capitalism). This means that people like me and my partner, the working poor, are struggling to make ends meet. Is the housing crisis my fault? Is it something I’ve done? Is the living wage:minumum wage discrepancy my fault? Is it something I’ve done? No. It is not.

    This country needed cash injections into the economy in 2010. The government did nothing. It lent banks more money in roder for them to lend more money to people and businesses (which caused the problems in the first place) whilst simultaneously telling them to keep a certain percentage of their books in reserve, both working against one and other. The idea was some ridiculous and bullshit idea of this money “trickling down” to the lower classes and boosting the economy. It did fuck all. It was swallowed whole and never seen again. But, of course, people like me are the problem with society?

    What shouldn’t have been done was the staving of wages from the public sector and the destruction of the welfare state. Poor people don’t save money, they spend it. They life month to month on their pay cheques. It speaks sense, if you ask me, that giving poor people money would have a trickle up effect into the upper echolons of the British economy. You want to inject cash into the Economy? Give poor people more money. Let them service their debts, buy food and pay their rent. Cut money form bullshit projects like the High-Speed Rail (that’s cost over £1bn).

    So, again, what a pile of shit.

  19. Guest

    Thanks for your policy statement.

  20. Guest

    Yes yes, you keep demanding that the workers be murdered so pensions are not paid, you loon. You keep stating there is no choice but dead people, ever.

  21. Guest

    You keep saying it’s evil the poor are alive. That people’s negative savings would save the day (after unemployment insurance), that the fact they’d be dead of starvation after retirement means they’d not be a problem.

    I’m sure your “net” of death squads would work fine for you. Keep talking genocide.

  22. Guest

    Keep demanding that the assets, workers, be murdered to create your scam, as you demand others not see the public figures you refuse to see.

    Then you deny fiat currency exists.

  23. Guest

    Ah yes, unless you’re a genocial maniac like you, you’re a “socialist” in your world. Unless you took without giving back, like you, you’re “creating the mess”.

    That you keep saying over and over that you’ll kill the workers to stop future payments, that wages have not fallen fast enough for you, that you hate education…

  24. Leon Wolfeson

    “since graduating and acquiring a graduates job benefits me more than quitting”

    Incorrect. You will (on average) lose money over your working lifespan because of the new arrangements for loan repayments.

    The economy as a whole benefits. Not you. (Sigh)

  25. Leon Wolfeson

    1) Hence the extension of how far people have to travel to work under JSA. They’ll just keep extending it (and that’s the fastest form of transport, note, so if you can’t afford it and need to take the bus…)

    I complete disagree we need “socialism” though, we need *left wing* thinking, not a straightjacket of one type of stateist thinking.

    Moreover, we don’t need your kind of anti-science thinking. Blocking entire fields out of paranoia (most new medicines, for starters…) is a bad thing.

  26. Nick Fourbanks

    IDS will stay the course come what may irrespective of who dies he has a mandate till the next election and under UK law can do as he will and theirs no one to stop him

  27. Leon Wolfeson

    Actually, 38 Degrees has done a lot to stop the coalition in many areas.

    Far more, it seems, than Labour.

  28. Kryten2k35

    I will earn between £20-30k as I start work, and it will go up from there. My college qualifications will earn me £16-20k, and go up from there.

    Graduating University will benefit me more than not graduating University. The monthly repayments on £30k a year would be about £50.

  29. Leon Wolfeson

    The graduate premium in this country is tiny, and you’ve missed out on three years wages already. On average, you’ll lose out.

    The figures for this are quite clear in the debate on the new fees. Basically, unless you’re going into the City, or certain types of engineering or medicine, it’s an altruistic act to go to University, since you *personally* will not – on average – benefit from it.

    The current fees are nuts.

  30. Kryten2k35

    I’m still on the old fees 😉 £3465 per year. And the graduate “premium” for my area of expertise is significantly higher than college level qualifications.

  31. Leon Wolfeson

    “I’m still on the old fees ;)”


    My point “The current fees are nuts.” stands, it’s just not applying to you then.

  32. Jason Pullen

    Confusion. Causing the death of humans is illegal. David Cameron, due to his responsibilities and decisions and actions has effectively caused people to die. Still people are dying due to their possible suicidal tendencies being incited by his actions and as all other methods of defense against these immoral cuts(of what was calculated prior to the price and cost rises..) have failed, ..as is described in the self defense clause of law, ANY citizen aware of any attempt to kill others is able to be legally defended, if necessary, by killing relevant killer.
    Watch out David, ..you are killing people…and if you do not stop your immoral and incompetent actions any citizen within this world can and will kill you.
    Imagine, ‘Headline..
    5,730 people massed together at No.10, and as David Cameron left these offices he was thrown to the ground and all around him caused him to drown by urinating on him.. The Police were unable to enter the group in time to save him.
    Britain rejoices in the death of their killer…and the new PM has announced welfare has been restored and compensation for crimes committed by David Cameron will be paid to all relevant victims of these crimes.’

  33. Jason Pullen

    Payout! – have you considered the people with health issues due to this? Some need a new mattress for the back that’s getting worse..which means they may never work again! Cameron, in self defense of the killings he has and is actioning has avoided all other forms of defense and must therefore be killed. Kill the killer, legal in self defense…by any citizen of this world!

  34. treborc1

    I’m sorry but this is political and if you wish to remove him from office fine but killing him that a disgrace. I’ve a serious spinal injury and a bad back, I’ve lost the use of my bowel and my bladder and believe me I dislike both the Labour party and the Tories because I cannot see the difference.

    But kill people that makes us worse.

  35. treborc1

    We are not in 9 trillion of debt we are in 1.5 trillion and we have a life time to pay it back the deficit can be lowered it may take fifty sixty years.

    Now then this is not the biggest debt or the biggest deficit either we have had both bigger a few times and paid them back.

    take a big breath and slow down.

    The American debt is $13.5 trillion stacked onto each other flat, the debt the yanks have will reach the moon twice and twice back and half again. so why should we be worried if they are not.

  36. LB


    You have confused borrowing with debt. Borrowing is just a small percentage of the debt.

    The borrowing number is 1.3 trillion.

    The pensions another 7.1 trillion on top.

    Or is your plan to say bugger off to the pensioners, the state took your cash and now we’re not paying?

  37. Jason Pullen

    ..hold on, I suffer from severe head injury(brain damage) and I was under the belief that killers, David Cameron for example – who has caused several deaths, can be killed in action. Kill or be killed…I was told if under threat from another, and as I suffer, due to my government caused injuries, from suicidal tendencies which are being incited by this incompetent…so sit happy and die at his actions or inform the world that others under threat need to be defended and as he ignores other forms of defense for our lives – calls/letters/protests etc – he can be killed.

  38. Jason Pullen

    David Cameron, some call him ‘the dog,’ decides to rob the poor of their necessary funds causing stress and even death – many have died due to his additional welfare cuts – and he gives 11,000,000 to another country…but then he waffles about needing the ability to raid your bank account.. Why? Ah, because robbed money was not enough and because, within his immoral and incompetent self he sees no other way of raising funds from us.

    I am a severe head injury survivor certified unfit for work for life, and about 10 years ago, while receiving about 650Euros/m, my benefits were suddenly cut by Gordon Brown…then again by David Cameron, and 10 years on…receive 530 Euros per month.. So about 10 years ago I was receiving more than 20% of what I get now. With price and cost rises, no imagination is needed to see that David Cameron is an incompetent robber who needs to be expelled – actually, he should be careful, as due to the deaths he has effectively caused and is still causing…the self defense law states that ANY citizen within the world can defend any citizen under threat of death, and if the other forms of defense fail – calls/letters/protests etc – it is Justifiable to cause the killers death..

    Watch out David..you but the truth about your errors…and may soon get buried!

  39. PoundInYourPocket

    I don’t know what Labour’s plans will be, but I’d expect “no change”. have you looked at this site for more info, or contacted the local Citizens Advice centre.


  40. wildejamey

    A couple of comments. I agree with the above but people in the country would prefer Labour does not follow the coalition agenda by promising to be “tougher than the Tories” – which will win no votes from the witch-hunters and alienate its natural supporters. Secondly, I hope if and when Labour takes over it will instruct an NAO audit to be carried out and full investigation to be made of all the covered up shenanigans while Duncan Smith was in power and release the papers he’s withholding now so the whole country can see how incompetent this man and his civil service cronies have been. Thirdly, a quick first step to hurry things up will be to put a definite time limit on mandatory reconsiderations – and I don’t mean months. This was a cynical device to keep the needy in need in the hope they would come off benefit before an appeal could be made and also to keep them off the unemployment figures. Plus it should be seen as part of the appeal process during which claimants are paid the assessment rate at least – this will be an incentive to process the reconsiderations more quickly. Labour has to show it is bigger than the cynical pinchpennies of the coalition.

  41. Jason Pullen

    …a man dies early due to government errors – as he could not eat well/sleep well…….why can she not seek compensation effectively for his murder?

  42. not amused

    Insult to dogs

  43. Amazinglyso

    Unjustly appalling.

    I am a highly intelligent and resourceful human being on disability
    benefits due to long-term mental health conditions at 42. Employers
    have an actively negative bias towards those like myself and,
    therefore trapped by all corners of the main-three political parties
    with a self-interested agenda to protect the wealthiest in our

    Much to the unhinged delighted of the wealthier protected, I am yet to
    receive PIP – not looking forward to it at all, and as people on
    benefits are not encouraged to have any savings, I am in supported
    housing, what will happen to me and those in my situation?. There
    appears a third-world holocaust in western society that cannot and
    should not be ignored by the out-of-touch Ivory towered tyrants we
    call a democracy!.

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