UKIP come clean about why they really oppose gay marriage

UKIP's opposition to gay marriage is not for pragmatic reasons, but is based on outdated bigotry.

Nigel Farage has got himself into a spot of bother over his party’s stance on same-sex marriage.

First his party made an apparent U-turn over its earlier opposition to gay marriage when, during a question and answer session with Pink News, a statement attributed to Farage said that the party would not, after all, campaign to abolish same-sex marriage.

According to Pink News, the answers given during the online interview with Farage appeared to show that UKIP would be reviewing all of its policies – including its opposition to same-sex marriage.

A welcome development. Or at least so the readers of Pink News believed.

Soon after the interview was published, however, Farage issued a statement to say that the comments attributed to him were “not made by me and not approved by me”.

“It was a draft by a staff member that should never have been sent out, he added.

Farage went on to say that UKIP’s opposition to gay marriage was two fold:

“First, we did not think it should have been made a political priority at a time of many other pressing issues and pointed out that the measure had no mandate from the electorate.

‚ÄúSecondly we were concerned that because of the role of the European Court of Human Rights in British law that faith communities which had strong objections were at risk of being forced to conduct gay marriages.”

So on the one hand UKIP are opposed to gay marriage because it’s a bad time to focus on it (there are more important issues), and on the other hand because “faith communities” risk being “forced to conduct gay marriage”.

In other words, UKIP opposes gay marriage for practical rather than moral reasons (not that that’s OK or anything).

But someone ought perhaps to tell UKIP in Wales this, for their objections to gay marriage are rather different.

A same-sex marriage statement published on the UKIP Wales website today starts off on message, saying that “UKIP Wales wholeheartedly supports the UKIP policy regarding same sex marriage”. However the party also lets slip the real reason it is opposed to same-sex marriage – and it has nothing to do with faith communities or it being a bad time to focus on the issue.

No, UKIP are opposed to same-sex marriage, the UKIP Wales website states, because “marriage is between a man and a woman for the procreation of children”.


Well, at least we’ve cleared up that it has nothing to do with pragmatism and everything to do with outdated bigotry.

Don’t vote UKIP if you’re a gay couple and want to get married. Or a hetrosexual couple who want to marry but aren’t sure about children. That isn’t what marriage is for, after all.

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25 Responses to “UKIP come clean about why they really oppose gay marriage”

  1. amyjane27

    who cares

  2. Steve Cheney

    Hopefully, people who have gay friends or relatives and are under the impression that voting for UKIP isn’t voting for homophobia.

  3. Norman Dostal

    the millions of gays and their kids who are affected by this, ignoramus

  4. p a t r i c k

    UKIP are opposed to same sex marriage because it causes floods.

  5. J Cure

    Or was that the Conservatives? I mean he was a tory councillor for a lot longer than he was a UKIP one and UKIP actually got rid of him for those comments whilst during his time as a tory he was never brought up on it.

  6. UKIP Kiddie

    I am a UKIP supporter but am not opposed to gay marriage and I don’t believe any of the drivel trotted out by this article or the media in general because they are all in the pockets of the three main parties. Thank heavens for UKIP because they have woken the British public from its slumbers to realise they have been taken for granted all these years. You only have to look at the condescending BINGO advert by the Tories to see that. The Establishment is running scared of us ~ the party could be over for the Lib/Lab/Con. And by the way, don’t be fooled by the Tory/Lib Government. They only legalised gay marriage because they thought they’d get some votes out of it. It certainly wasn’t for any kind of moral reasons.

  7. amyjane27

    how exactly do they manage to be gay and have millions of kids

  8. Daniel Smith

    He was a UKIP Councillor when he said it, not a Tory.

    They didn’t get rid of him because of his comments, they got rid of him because he drew too much media attention.

  9. Daniel Smith

    How many MPs to UKIP have? It was actually Labour/Lib Dem who’s parties have a majority of people who support equal marriage that really pushed it.

    What Establishment? You referring to having a government? UKIP are just disgruntled Tories who scaremonger against immigrants.

  10. David Armitage

    I might be wrong about my understanding of politics insofar as it is a matter of National Security, the Economy of the country, education and the the Health Service, Immigration and law and order, all of which are priorities, but it beats me where exactly a persons sexual preference comes into the equation. Religion should not be used either as a yard stick for what I consider to be matters of pure politics, it seems that the UKIP club have paddled in dirty waters for too long and now are trying to wash away the impurity with hogwash and bull. Being gay and wanting to be a couple united by marriage is a right freely available to anyone, it does not say in the bible that marriage is one man and one woman, nor to be honest does it say that marriage is conducted with a money making ceremony, it certainly does not say that marriage is part of a political agenda??? Farage needs to stick to the practical applications of politics and work for the people of this country regardless, what next, hang the Jewish community for the crucifixion of Christ, but not the Catholics because Pontious Pilot washed his hands??? sometimes the ridiculous nonsense of the powers that appoint themselves defy the reason to be considered an intelligent human

  11. David Armitage

    The question is, what has being gay got to do with the ability to do the job in hand. I’m as straight as it gets, but it doesn’t mean that because i belong to the heterosexual division that i’m better as getting a result than someone who is homosexual, and what has marriage got to do with politics anyway, unless there’s a secret agenda that needs to be hushed up with yet another smokescreen????

  12. David Armitage

    It’s pretty easy really, if you were say bi-sexual and had kids but decided that you preferred same sex relationships because they were more stable, loving, less violent etc you would keep your kids with you. I don’t see the problem with it really, unless people think that kids growing up with same sex parents will turn them homosexual, a bit of a backward thought i would say, I myself are straight, so was my ex wife but our daughter is gay, not a problem since she is level headed and sensible and probably one of the most likable people i know (slightly biased). I fail to understand what the fuss is about since it doesn’t involve politics or for that matter religion, except of course the bits adapted by man for the control of the masses, the short answer to how do they have millions of kids? the very same way as everyone else.

  13. David Armitage

    Immigration is a problem in this country so lets not make any bones about that, the numbers coming into Britain are extreme and are unfair, yet the Belgians say we have to take them, sadly we have no choice, or at least we haven’t until someone has the stones to stand up and say enough is enough and we are out of Europe. anyone not having had the Eastern Euro experience evidently do not live in highly populated areas and quite possibly also shop at Waitrose. Illegal immigrants are also a burden of our country, so when will the sympathizers actually wake up and accept that while it is alright for people to want a better life, that life should not be at the expense of the British people, scare mongering or not, your comment is as ludicrous as your mindset.

  14. Daniel Smith

    The numbers are not extreme.

    If you think the European Parliament & Commission are solely made up of Belgians, you clearly have no idea how this European thing works.

  15. amyjane27

    i have no problem with gays i did not think bi-sexual was gay being able to have a civil contract already i see no need for a church wedding leave it to the church gays have got everything they wanted i am just bored with the media attention the subject draws

  16. David Armitage

    I’m more than aware how European parliament works, I’m also painfully aware that every decision made comes from Belgium, for example the street lighting has been approved by the Eurpoean commission in order to save the carbon foot print in Europe, this is a fact and came from the offices of our own local government. The area where i live has a growing population of Eastern Europeans which currently out number the UK born residents within one mile of the shopping parade. of thirty eight shops, twenty four are less than one year old and all have the label POLSKI SCHLEP on the livery, all of which are funded by grants handed down from the government, they actually brag about this and are proud enough to show you the paperwork, UK businesses are lucky to get an overdraft let alone a thirty thousand pound start up, additionally street crime and shop lifting is on the increase and so are arrests, none of these self proclaimed gypsies claim racism, they simply smile at the fact they’ve been caught and are released on bail to disappear within the community. statistically we have a problem and the tax payer can’t afford to keep paying the bill, and people like yourself are obviously oblivious to it, so where ever it is you live you are certainly not on the ground dealing with the reality of this problem, you need to remove your head from your plumage and open your eyes.

  17. marlene


  18. Sam_Beresford

    This article basically sums up why we need UKIP.

    How can anyone with a modicum on intelligence claim that the idea that marriage is between a man and a woman is “outdated bigotry”? This is how it has always been received in our culture, at least until the question of same sex marriage exploded onto the national scene in the last few years. There was no mandate for the change, no actual need for it, because civil partnerships gave gay couples exactly the same rights as married ones, and it caused needless antagonism to people who hold a traditional view of marriage.

    It says a lot about our times that the kind of reactionary, vicious intolerance Mr Bloodworth has expressed can be written in a publication that identifies itself as ‘progressive’ and committed to equality. There is nothing egalitarian about despising those who are uneasy about changing something has been a foundation of our civilization for centuries. Neither is it ‘progressive’ to dismiss so blindly those who hold a cogent view of why we should not have made this change. Some of these arguments are neatly explained here, in an article from a US perspective:

    I would actually love to see a coherent argument made for gay marriage. Half-baked insults and unquestioning groupthink don’t cut it, Mr Bloodworth.

  19. Frosty

    Please keep publishing all this lefty rubbish, and get Edd Balls on TV more,
    Great for Sensible people to see who are the “New loony Left” if ever you people get your hands on nthe levers of power, our country would have the social and economic standing of Greece

  20. suzieteesside

    I support gay marriages.. but UKIP is the only party that can get us out of EU and stop immigration. . I don’t agree with world aid when our own country is suffering .. plus no foreigners should be allowed to take our jobs when we have high numbers unemployed we need to spend money on training British people instead of giving away benefits and jobs to foreigners. .. We need to stop Muslim asylum seekers being allowed in we don’t want a country over run with Muslims we have nothing in common with Muslims. . And it’s very dangerous how much there own in property and business in the uk and then show more support to ISIS than the UK British Army. .


    Well thank you for clearing that up for me. After much careful deliberation I’m now going to vote UKIP. Atleast there is still a chance that they won’t get intimidated into letting the will of a minority affect the lives of the rest of us and our children.


    Do some research on the gay parents thing – if you did deep enough (lets face it this stuff is not going to to get top spot on google) you’ll find that there is quite extensive recent reasearch which shows that those raised by gay/lesbian guardians do, in fact, suffer a lot of psychological problems and on many ocassions physical abuse, not to mention that they are more likely to turn out homosexual themselves. So your claim that it is a ‘backward thought’ has no grounds I’m afraid.

  23. rebel_by_default

    Hey hey hey, you are entitled to your opinion on immigration, but your comments about Muslims are just downright racist! Whose we? The people who have nothing in common with Muslims, because if you are meaning the British public when you say we, then you are ignoring the large amount of British born Muslims…

  24. Rebel_by_default


  25. Rebel_by_default

    Turn gay? You’re born gay love.

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