Public more worried about Tory relationship with big business than about Labour and the unions

The public are more concerned about the Tory Party's relationship with big business than they are worried about Labour's relationship with the trade unions.

The public are more concerned about the Tory Party’s relationship with big business than they are worried about Labour’s relationship with the trade unions, according to a new poll by ComRes.

Almost half (44 per cent) of people questioned agreed with the statement that “the relationship between the Conservatives and big business is more of a problem than Labour’s relationship with the trade unions”, while 37 per cent disagreed. One in five (20 per cent) of Tory supporters agreed with the statement.

But a similar proportion (46 per cent) agreed that the unions “have too much influence over the Labour Party”, while 40 per cent disagreed. One in three Labour supporters (32 per cent) also said the unions enjoyed too much power, with 59 per cent disagreeing.

Disappointingly for Ed Miliband, only 34 per cent of people agreed that the Labour leader’s reforms to the trade unions would make the Labour Party more democratic, while 41 per cent disagreed. A quarter of people who said they would vote Tory (27 per cent) agreed that the changes wouldmake Labour more democratic, while 57 per cent disagreed.

The poll gave Labour an eight-point lead, up from one point in the last ComRes poll for The Independent back in January. This leaves Labour on 38 per cent, with the Tories on 30 per cent. UKIP is on 11 per cent and the Lib Dems are on 10 per cent. Others make up 11 per cent. If these figures are repeated at the General Election on a uniform swing, Labour will win an overall majority of 98 seats.

ComRes interviewed 1,004 GB adults by telephone between February 28 and March 2 2014.

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2 Responses to “Public more worried about Tory relationship with big business than about Labour and the unions”

  1. Bobwiggin

    I’m worried that this bunch of downright spivs might get in again. God help us if they do.

  2. drydamol1


    The Crisis between Russia and the Ukraine is about Putin not
    wanting Western Control on his Borders .Why did Putin stick up for Syria
    because the West wanted to control the Banking System there .Blair tried it
    with Assad and he politely asked the
    Bank Of England Officials to leave .Assad has never been forgiven that’s why we
    backed the Rebels but voted against War
    after Putin intervened .

    Beneath the surface the whole incident is Putin again
    showing his muscle to thwart Western Influence over the Ukraine’s Finances .The
    EU with UK and USA collusion have offered the Ukraine $15Billion the same as
    Russia offered them last week – thought the EU was Financially struggling hence
    Austerity .The Ukraine is Financially Broke .We Britain Raped and Pillaged then
    Controlled 75% of the World .The idiots
    we have here in Power must think back to the Old Colonial Days not realising
    we are being watched by the World acting like a third World Country .

    Just because the Government think we know little because of
    Stifled Press outsiders know more than MP’s here .Putin must be shaking over
    our Foreign Minister Hague getting involved .The same Hague who shares a room
    with his male Research Assistant .The same Hague that Thatcher ordered to start
    an Internal Inquiry over Paedophilia within Government Circles and closed it
    after two weeks never to see the light of day again . Putin is ex KGB he will
    know more about the Skeletons in British Cupboards than the Skeletons
    themselves .Posturing and Gestures on the World Stage Cameron has to justify
    who he is .Who is he ?

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