Bob Crow on socialism, the Royal family and going on strike

In memory of Bob Crow we take a look back at some of his most memorable comments.

News has reached Left Foot Forward today that RMT leader and comrade Bob Crow has passed away in the early hours of this morning. He will be a huge loss to the labour movement and especially to those who work on the London Underground – it is because of Crow that Underground workers enjoy the decent pay and working conditions that they do today.

So here, in memory of Bob Crow, is a look back at his politics and some of his most memorable comments:

On striking

“Our job is to represent working people. Management is refusing to negotiate. We either accept that or do something about it. You cannot have a dispute without inconvenience to the travelling public. It’s not selfish. Our job is to defend and improve our members’ terms and conditions.”

On the Royal Family

“I think the royal family is very privileged. I wouldn’t like to see any harm coming to them, but I do believe they lead a very privileged life. Why should they be able to start out in the world with far more benefits than other people?”

On socialism

“I’m not looking for Utopia. In my view, everyone should have the chance of a job at a decent wage; to have the opportunity to buy or rent a house. There should be a decent National Health Service and good schooling for everyone.”

On Tony Benn

(Was Benn not a born aristocrat, one who renounced his title? Crow was asked.)

“Just because you go to the Virgin Islands it doesn’t make you a virgin does it?”

On the Labour Party

“The achievements of Labour in the years after the Second World War should never be underestimated, but they are now history.”

On Margaret Thatcher’s death

“I wont shed one single tear over her death. She destroyed the NHS and destroyed industry in this country and as far as I’m concerned she can rot in hell.”




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