This week’s most read: The Sun, Tommy Robinson, and the Daily Mail

The most read articles on Left Foot Forward this week.

Most read this week

1. Today’s Sun front page: sensationalist, dishonest and an example of everything that’s wrong with the pressJames Bloodworth

2. Criticise if you will, but Tommy Robinson’s leaving the EDL is a positive moveGhaffar Hussain

3. Tory Britain: Man sets fire to job centre after not eating for three daysJames Bloodworth

4. I’m a leftie but I don’t want to destroy the Daily Mail – I want it to prosperParis Lees

5. Goodbye Mel, we won’t miss you: A look back at Melanie Phillips’s greatest hitsJames Bloodworth

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3 Responses to “This week’s most read: The Sun, Tommy Robinson, and the Daily Mail”

  1. wattys123

    how many children in the UK have been raped as a consequence of Labour’s gerrymandering, filling the country with the world’s most backward people who believe sex with children to be ok, was always going to end in a grooming epidemic,

  2. Amaterasu

    Haha whites are notorious for molesting children ! Especially Englishmen who tend to go overseas and abuse some poor village asian boy. Are you insane ? Child molestation is in the genes of white englishmen. Muslims have nothing to learn from the English. Paedophilia is part of british culture like the queen.

  3. wattys123

    85% of those arrested for grooming are Pakistani Muslim – 5% of the population, nuff said.

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