Video: What Michael Gove thinks of people who use foodbanks

David Cameron refuses to say during PMQs whether he supports Michael Gove's views on foodbanks in reply to a question from Labour MP Luciana Berger.

During today’s edition of PMQs David Cameron refused to say whether he supported the views of education secretary Michael Gove, that users of foodbanks were often responsible for their own predicament. Here again is what Gove said.

Does David Cameron also believe those using foodbanks only have themselves to blame?

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5 Responses to “Video: What Michael Gove thinks of people who use foodbanks”

  1. davidcameron

    Michael Gove is a prime example of an upper class Tory twerp.

  2. neveruptothejob

    Gove forgets that the whole point of the benefits system is to provide for people who can’t manage their lives successfully.

  3. Sids666

    So when the Labour decided to provide support to schools, CAB’s etc to give financial management advice its good – when the Tories do it its bad.

  4. Dorothy Nelson

    Left Foot Forward carrying adverts encouraging readers to beat NHS queues by signing up for private insurance? I am not impressed. Either this is a left wing forum espousing basic socialist values or it is just a fancy logo and a way for a few people to entertain themselves and probably make a bit of money on the side – I am seriously considering dropping the connection and would encourage others to do the same.

  5. Anna

    Ignorant man.

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