Nigel Farage compares himself to Darwin and Galileo

In an interview with Alex Kane for Lisburn's 98FM, Nigel Farage has compared himself to Charles Darwin, Galileo and... Michael O'Leary of Ryanair.

In an interview with Alex Kane for Lisburn’s 98FM, Nigel Farage has compared himself to Charles Darwin, Galileo and… Michael O’Leary of Ryanair.

Kane was meeting the UKIP leader in the Stormont Hotel in Belfast, and when he asked Farage how it felt for his party to be described as the middle class British National Party (BNP), Farage replied:

“If you challenge consensus, whether it’s in science, politics or business, all through the ages of man the first technique is to try and laugh you off for being a bunch of nutcases. They did it to Galileo, they did it to Darwin, they did it to O’Leary from Ryanair. This is how it works. So to be mocked and derided is not unusual.”

So is Farage really standing on the shoulders of giants? Let’s have a look…

Galileo Galilei

Galileo was accused of heresy in 1614 for his support for the theory that the sun was at the centre of the solar system. This was revolutionary at a time when most people believed the Earth was in this central position (BBC History).

Charles Darwin

Darwin was a British scientist who laid the foundations of the theory of evolution and transformed the way we think about the natural world (BBC History)

Nigel Farage

Former commodities trader in the City, Farage is a founding member of UKIP who spends his spare time touring World War I battlefields with a group of  friends who call themselves “Farage’s Foragers”.

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4 Responses to “Nigel Farage compares himself to Darwin and Galileo”

  1. Joshua Lindsey

    Darwin didn’t particularly challenge consensus. In fact the idea that species change over time had been around since the ancient Greeks. It wasn’t coincidence that Alfred Wallace came up with an extraordinarily similar theory, albeit less fleshed out. The scientific community at the time was on the cusp of proposing evolution, Darwin merely supplied the evidence and put in the hard graft.

    Farage, if you want to be taken seriously, supply some evidence!

  2. p a t r i c k

    UKIP have simply become the vehicle for Nigel Farage’s vanity. What a lot of vanity that is it seems.


    Isn’t this the same Ryanair that would be non-existant without the European Union and its attendant open borders, which Farrago whinges about at every opportunity?

  4. James Mcconnell

    As Carl Sagan said “They also laughed at Bozo The Clown.”

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