Tony Blair compares SNP to Ukip

Tony Blair has launched a scathing attack on those advocating an independent Scotland, comparing them to Ukip as a movement that seeks to pin the blame for the problems of the world on someone else.

Tony Blair has launched a scathing attack on those advocating an independent Scotland, comparing them to the UK Independence Party as a movement that seeks to pin the blame for the problems of the world on someone else.

Blair, himself a Scot by birth and who, as prime minister, oversaw the establishment of the devolved institutions across the UK, spoke yesterday to the National Association of Pension Funds conference.

Asked for his views on the UK’s place in Europe, he made comparisons between the SNP and Ukip, telling the audience:

“I feel about Britain separating out from Europe in the way that I feel about – frankly since I’m here in Edinburgh – Scotland separating from the UK. The problem with this [is that]people, whether it is Ukip or the Scottish National Party, have the idea that the cause of our problems is someone else, and the cure is separating ourselves out from that someone else. It is not like that – neither the cause nor the cure.

“The fact is that the world is ever more interconnected. To disconnect yourself, either Scotland from the UK or Britain from Europe, is just not sensible, because many of the challenges we are going to have to face together. We are going to have to get solutions together.”

Declaring that Scotland remaining in the union went with the “grain of history”, Blair continued:

“I think ultimately, for Scotland, being part of the UK is in Scottish interests, it is in English interests, it is in the interests of the UK as a whole, because it goes with the grain of history.

“When you have got the single biggest commercial market on your doorstep, why on earth would you separate yourself off from that – however frustrating it is?

“You should be in there to try and win the battles, build the alliances and make the thing work because you can be sure the future is in being part of something bigger and not retreating into something smaller.”

SNP MSP Christina McKelvie responded by making what amounts to a tenuous connection between the Iraq War and Scottish Independence.

She explained:

“The 10th anniversary of Tony Blair’s invasion of Iraq on false pretences is a compelling illustration of the need for Scotland’s parliament to have the full powers of independence.

“Scotland needs a parliament with the ability to speak with our own voice in the world, get rid of nuclear weapons and build a fair society and strong economy. The more often Tory Blair argues for ‘No’, the stronger the ‘Yes’ vote will become.”

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38 Responses to “Tony Blair compares SNP to Ukip”

  1. Tim Gee

    This is ridiculous. I don’t like the SNP’s energy policy but that doesn’t make them UKIP style bigots! Then again Tony Blair isn’t the most trusted man in the world, it’s likely that every time he open his mouth on this issue he strengthens the independence cause

  2. Adam Ramsay

    HAHAHA. Oh, this is serious. I assume you are reporting this to point out what an idiot Blair is?

  3. Patrick Brennan

    Who cares what this ex-Prime Minister(failed in Iraq) writes about devolution for Scotland?

  4. Lewis

    Also, while UKIP do indeed want to pull out from the ‘biggest single market on their doorstep’, the SNP entirely support EU membership.

  5. Tom

    A man who placed spin over conviction, alliance with Bush over British security interests, personal political gain in Europe over national sovereignty, and ultimately created a public sector spending spree built of credit which lead to the ongoing recession, he should keep his mouth firmly shut.

  6. Mick

    Blair and his team allowed Labour to be genuinely repeatedly electable for the first time…. EVER. Blair’s the best Labour’s got. Yet Leftists spit at him.

  7. dondalan

    Alliances at all costs? Neville Chamberlain believed that, however if making one’s own views felt, makes no difference to a people’s prospects or their circumstances, the time has come to stand up and take matters into their own hands.

  8. Simon Deville

    A three legged donkey would have won the election in 1997 if it was Labour. All Blair did was squander our best opportunity in over a generation to bring about real change, preside over a continuation of Thatcherism that further tipped the balance of power towards the rich and powerful, and brought us into an illegal war that has lead to the deaths of 100,000s of innocent civilians. Oh, and lost us 4 million votes in the process. Yet right wingers still see him as good for the party. doh!

  9. Raging Leftie

    You’re right, but I don’t think we need to take what he says seriously anymore – it’s not like any member of the public does. He has lost every ounce of trustworthiness he ever had.

  10. Andy

    It is clear the SNP is not like UKIP. SNP want to stay in the EU. UKIP want out! the man’s a joke!

  11. Andy

    Labour are more like the SNP!

  12. Alan

    Well that settles it – I am voting UKIP

  13. scotspete

    why is tony blair a free man ? this man should be in the haig along with bush his mentor both there lies and corruption over iraq war cost many young lives ? both will be judged by god , parading as christians …..makes me SICK? IAM STILL MY LOCAL POLICE TO PRESS THESE CHARGES THROUGH MY UK COLUMN DVD I PASSED ON TO THEM ? THE TRUTH WILL CONFIRM THE TRUTH ….PRAISE THE LORD http://WWW.PETERCAMPBELL.FAITHWEB.COM UKIP SKYS THE LIMIT

  14. Meekie

    Blair is a globalist and he knows we distrust him. People will then go the opposite way. Double bluff maybe. The Globlists want to divide Scotland from UK so this helps them

  15. Meekie

    Well done. Blair must have an Agenda, he always has

  16. ohyesjustnow

    Go take a good f**k to yourself Tony Blair. Started any illegal wars lately?

  17. Battleaxe

    Was he at the National Association of Pension Funds conference in order to say sorry on behalf of his mate Gordon Brown who had stitched us up for putting a tax on Pension Funds?

  18. Newsbot9

    Yes. keep calling for only Acceptable views to be heard.

  19. Newsbot9

    Why should I care which ring wing party you’re voting for this time?

  20. Newsbot9

    Ah yes, of course you think losing millions of voters to “not voting” is an achievement, Keep up the propaganda.

  21. Newsbot9

    Yes, keep talking about the minor knock which happened after Thatcher’s evisceration of the funds.

  22. Newsbot9

    The SNP might one day get back into the EU. You’re trying to leave. Be honest.

  23. Battleaxe

    Ah! another Thatcher basher? But perhaps your aim is off Lets face it the the three main partys’ are all the same that is why UKIP are on the up!

  24. Newsbot9

    No, I’m quite on target. Read what I typed again – what Brown did was abuse of a corpse. That article is massively biased.

    “largely in response to Inland Revenue pressure to stop companies trying to use them as tax-free reserves”

    i.e. Deliberately preventing them from building up the assets they needed. Yes, this WILL hit tax revenue. That’s NECESSARY.

    Even the article admits that the slumps did more damage that Brown, and QE has done several trillion.

    The current returns on most pensions amount to a scam. Time to force all companies to offer decent pensions.

    And no, it’s up because old men want back a past age.

  25. Battleaxe

    Pensions rely on the market place and with the recent slump, the pension funds don’t need governments dipping their fingers in the struggling pot.

    I would suggest that UKIP has a good cross section of members, but I agree in that I perceive little interest would be had from brain washed youngsters. UKIP a refreshing change from the LIB/LAB/Con Libertarian Left nonsense we have to put up with in this country.

    They are on Question Time tonight if you are interested?

  26. Newsbot9

    Ah right, you want pensions to become even more of a scam. You really don’t have a good argument.

    And you can suggest what you like, there’s a very distinct demographic “fingerprint” for the UKIP.

    “Libertarian”? Get real. They’re stateists. And two of them are right wing, one is centralist-moving-right. It’s never enough for you, there has to be more failed neoliberalism.

  27. Battleaxe

    But I do have a good argument because I receive a very good pension which was based on the market place, which enabled me to retire very early. I can’t knock what has been good to me.

    I believe all political Partys’ rely on the old vote as youngsters thankfully don’t vote. At least UKIP does not rely on the premise Flat cappers voting Labour because their dad did and Toffs vote Conservative because they are Toffs. LOL

  28. Newsbot9

    So you disbelieve the political profiles. And since YOU made out well, stuff anyone else, I hear you!

    And of course you’re, as bigot, a natural UKIP voter.

  29. Mick

    Though poll figures show it took the PUBLIC a long time to get sick enough of New Labour to actually get them out. And people knew Labour would otherwise have been a tremendous economic danger without the grand reforms Tony Blair headed. Even the unions had to bite their lips to see Labour back in power.

    I don’t like Blair. But I do end up pointing out that there could have been a second 1992 or hung parliament had Kinnock still been in charge.

  30. Notalevelplayingfield

    Blair of the Bilderberg Group cannot be taken seriously….

  31. Battleaxe

    If you saw Question Time last night one saw lots of evidence of political profiles as I described. Lots of bigotry if you like but not from UKIP I observed.

    The word bigot a much over played word against the right but little used towards the left. Perhaps it is because those on the left don’t see the bigotry in themselves.

  32. Newsbot9

    Yes yes, keep trying to blow the word off. Accuracy is very much offensive to you, I understand completely.

  33. Battleaxe

    It appears you remain in harping on semantics rather than political discourse. A very much a leftist ploy. I’m therefore wasting my time continuing this thread.

    But watch the other party’s move their stance in an attempt to offset the UKIP rise in popularity. Goodbye!

  34. Newsbot9

    Ah yes blaming your PC.

    And of course you want a rightwards anti-British shift to try and buy off your fanatics. Indeed, keep demand your weregeld.

  35. Tom

    Acceptable being subjective so pretty difficult to qualify what that means

  36. Simon Deville

    The millions who deserted Labour didn’t vote for anything else because they wanted something better, and saw the Tories as worse. Neither the Tories or Lib dems won the last election, New Labour lost it.

  37. Newsbot9

    It’s not subjective at all. It’s talking about the attitude that only a small subset of views can be allowed…barring many perfectly mainstream, non-violent views.

  38. Dave Watson

    Ukip are a political tsunami flooding the whole Country. The Labour party under Blair and Brown destroyed The UK Cameron and Clegg are in the same boat but rowing in different directions and going around in circles. The left is doomed and like an injured wild animal is getting nasty and desperate thsts why they planted that Labour loon on question time from Dover last week. UKIP are really the friend of the hardworking person in the Uk whatever their creed colour or religion. All we want is fair and quality immigration the use of the word biggot or xenephobe is desperate and reflects a small mind

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