Budget 2013: What to look out for

Left Foot Forward has looked at a few things we already know will be in next week's Budget as well as at those things which stand half a chance of making it.

Will George Osborne “go for growth” by opting for economic stimulus? Will he seek to placate the Tory Right with a package of tax cuts and a further slashing of the state?

Left Foot Forward has looked at a few things that we already know will be in next week’s Budget as well as at those things which stand half a chance of making it.

Already in

. We know from the Autumn Statement that the personal allowance – the amount you can earn before having to pay income tax – will go up in April from £8,105 to £9,440.

. We also know that additional personal allowance for pensioners will be frozen for those already over 65 and scrapped altogether for anyone turning 65.

. The basic state pension will go up 2.5 per cent to £110.45 a week.

. The Isa allowance will increase to £11,520.


. Cut to capital gains tax – the higher rate may be lowered from 28 per cent to 25 per cent in an effort to encourage growth.

. A cut to Corporation tax to appease the Tory Right – although the main rate is already due to fall from its current rate of 24 per cent to 23 per cent this April and to 22 per cent in April 2014. If there is a further cut to corporation tax, the key question is: who’s going to pay for it? An extra 1p off the headline rate would cost about £0.4 billion in 2013/14 and £0.8 billion by 2014/15, according to analysts.

. A freeze to the inheritance tax threshold could come in to fund long-term care costs.

. A rise in National Insurance contributions could be introduced for the self-employed.

. We may also see an announcement on when the government expects to sell its equity in part state-owned banks.

. The Funding for Lending Scheme could be extended, according to the Financial Times (£), on the back of calls by the Liberal Democrats for it to be put “on steroids”.

. Boost for small banks: Osborne may announce a new consultation into competition in the payments system, according to City A.M.

Left Foot Forward will be covering the Budget live as it happens

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7 Responses to “Budget 2013: What to look out for”

  1. Newsbot9

    “an effort to encourage growth”

    Oh please.

    “the key question is: who’s going to pay for it?”

    Again, silly question. Welfare cuts, of course.

  2. Mick

    The public are going to need some tax cuts. And with Cameron talking about ‘unfunded’ tax cuts, there’s going to be a cutting back of the bloated state apparatus, as Liam Fox would say.


  3. Newsbot9

    That’s right, the public “need” a raised poverty premium. And of course you need to cut down those nasty poor and disabled. Maybe a trimming of basic NHS…

    Keep talking up Fox’s ideology, I mean, why did he resign again?

  4. Mick

    And all the Leftist cliches come tumbling out. That TUC woman blasted Tories for allegedly putting people on the ‘breadline’, but they themselves seem happy to hire employees working on less than their ‘breadline’ total of £30 grand a year.


    Plus, Googling 320 BILLION IN NHS CUTS WILL DOCTORS BE SACKED OR THE USELESS, will take you to a page suggesting a few examples of waste to be sliced back.

  5. Mick


    The Shift key didn’t press to type the £ sign.

  6. Newsbot9

    Yes, you keep trying to label everything for your convenience. And of course you’re quite willing to lie.
    Keep ignoring the fact that workers pay IS argumented by the government, under present law, that both parents DO tend to work and so on. Keep up rejoicing in poverty for the poor.

    The article engages in typical poverty denial, ignoring the economic conditions and the cuts for the poorest.

    You’re a good Daily Fail reader.

    And let’s see… “”320 BILLION IN NHS CUTS WILL DOCTORS BE SACKED OR THE USELESS” – did not match any documents.”

    Of course, you’re after sacking the workers who provide back-end support for the Doctors and Nurses, making them spend ever-more time on paperwork, while protecting those IMPORTANT managers, the ones the Tories have created, who spend their time enabling your “wonderful” private sector to skim work off the NHS.

  7. Newsbot9

    Then you could edit. But hey, nothing like leaving a little inflation in there!

    It links to a “debating” site. And it’s full of your kind of bigots. How dare there be treatment for all without prejudice. How dare the NHS not treat many of it’s staff badly with a one-size-fits-all mandate. Keep blaming immigrants and Jews, like your buddies there.

    Thanks for highlighting your hate preaching friends. Your anti-British Jihadii’s.

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