A new look for LFF

We have a new look for Left Foot Forward - please check it out and let us know your thoughts.

Dear Reader,

As you will no doubt have noticed, we have a new look for LFF, which we hope will make the site crisper, conciser and easier to use.

The new design is not fully complete and will continue to evolve, so do please send us your feedback and ideas, on the functionality of the site, widgets, sidebar, buttons, interactivity, on everything.

You can email us, leave a comment below, Tweet or Facebook us with your thoughts.

Even though the look may be different, we will continue to provide quality, evidence-based articles putting forward the progressive case.


Will and Shamik

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6 Responses to “A new look for LFF”

  1. hermann

    initial feeling is it looks much better. I never liked the colour scheme before, especially the black on purple comments that (sometimes) happened. it looks more mature. now – if you could just change the politics 😉

  2. hermann

    and if you want your site to be successful rather than ‘on message’ then don’t mod (apart from libel etc)

  3. LB

    Quite. The previous comments section was completely unreadable for someone with vision problems. You had to highlight sections to read it.

  4. treborc1

    Totally agree I had to highlight it to read it.

  5. Selohesra

    I’ve never noticed any modding of off-message posts – colours are huge improvement though

  6. Selohesra

    Strange – wheres Newsbot to automatically disagree and accuse me of being colourist and other crimes?

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