Trump and Fox attack Islam again – this time over NYC’s ‘Ground Zero Mosque’

Donald Trump has once again proven his ignorance and reactionary xenophobia by beating the anti-Islamic drum.

Fox News has re-launched one of its many anger-fuelled campaigns, this one being their outrage at the existence of the Park51 Muslim Community Center in Manhattan.

Fox broadcast a ‘discussion piece’ on what the centre is used for, culminating in a call from Donald Trump, who proceeded to make some outrageous claims, as Think Progress reports:

“No, I don’t think so; I’d certainly buy the site. But I don’t think it’s an appropriate use of the site. A lot of people don’t. You know, in the Arab world, when they have victory, they like to build a Mosque at that site. It’s very strongly out there. I think this is a terrible idea. It shouldn’t be done and let’s see what happens…”

Not only is this a bizarre and offensive claim for the tycoon to be making, but it also a staple of Islamophobic rhetoric, and went unchallenged by Fox, as the video below shows:

Trump has, of course, courted controversy in the past with his views on Islam.

For example, in a recent interview he fear-mongered about the “very negative vibe” taught in the Qur’an.

While on Letterman, he associated violence and aggression with Islam, and when asked about the link between Islam and extremism responded with:

“Well, somebody knocked down the World Trade Centre …Somebody’s blowing us up. Somebody’s blowing up buildings, and somebody’s doing lots of bad stuff.”

And when asked whether he agreed there is a ‘Muslim problem’ by O’Reilly, Trump said:

“Absolutely yes, in fact I went a step further; I said I didn’t see Swedish people knocking down the World Trade Centre…”

Trump is well known for his vitriolic and uncompromising opinions, often delivered from his twitter account. Trump recently came under scrutiny for his foaming-at-the-mouth reaction to Obama’s re-election. Just this weekend as well, Trump has again been on howling-at-the-moon form, bombarding Lord Sugar with abuse on Twitter, mostly revolving around Trump’s infantile obsession with personal wealth and worth.

This came after Trump’s relentless and obsessive pursuit of Obama’s birth certificate and heritage, which constitutes nothing but the actions of an unhinged man, barely cloaking his blatant racism.

Trump has once again proved himself to fundamentally be a racist and borderline conspiracy theorist, this time turning his rage toward Islam.

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