Trump and Fox attack Islam again – this time over NYC’s ‘Ground Zero Mosque’

Donald Trump has once again proven his ignorance and reactionary xenophobia by beating the anti-Islamic drum.

Fox News has re-launched one of its many anger-fuelled campaigns, this one being their outrage at the existence of the Park51 Muslim Community Center in Manhattan.

Fox broadcast a ‘discussion piece’ on what the centre is used for, culminating in a call from Donald Trump, who proceeded to make some outrageous claims, as Think Progress reports:

“No, I don’t think so; I’d certainly buy the site. But I don’t think it’s an appropriate use of the site. A lot of people don’t. You know, in the Arab world, when they have victory, they like to build a Mosque at that site. It’s very strongly out there. I think this is a terrible idea. It shouldn’t be done and let’s see what happens…”

Not only is this a bizarre and offensive claim for the tycoon to be making, but it also a staple of Islamophobic rhetoric, and went unchallenged by Fox, as the video below shows:

Trump has, of course, courted controversy in the past with his views on Islam.

For example, in a recent interview he fear-mongered about the “very negative vibe” taught in the Qur’an.

While on Letterman, he associated violence and aggression with Islam, and when asked about the link between Islam and extremism responded with:

“Well, somebody knocked down the World Trade Centre …Somebody’s blowing us up. Somebody’s blowing up buildings, and somebody’s doing lots of bad stuff.”

And when asked whether he agreed there is a ‘Muslim problem’ by O’Reilly, Trump said:

“Absolutely yes, in fact I went a step further; I said I didn’t see Swedish people knocking down the World Trade Centre…”

Trump is well known for his vitriolic and uncompromising opinions, often delivered from his twitter account. Trump recently came under scrutiny for his foaming-at-the-mouth reaction to Obama’s re-election. Just this weekend as well, Trump has again been on howling-at-the-moon form, bombarding Lord Sugar with abuse on Twitter, mostly revolving around Trump’s infantile obsession with personal wealth and worth.

This came after Trump’s relentless and obsessive pursuit of Obama’s birth certificate and heritage, which constitutes nothing but the actions of an unhinged man, barely cloaking his blatant racism.

Trump has once again proved himself to fundamentally be a racist and borderline conspiracy theorist, this time turning his rage toward Islam.

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8 Responses to “Trump and Fox attack Islam again – this time over NYC’s ‘Ground Zero Mosque’”

  1. Old Albion

    Do any of you at Left foot forward think it is suitable to build a mosque at or near to the site of the terrible murder of thousands of innocent people, by Islamic terrorists?

  2. Dan Bridges

    Or what about building a memorial to the Black and Tan regiment and putting it right outside Croke Park?

  3. docmusic

    So everyone’s heard about the guy who fell down from a
    landing plane and died and the country he fell into only had to clean up a
    little mess ?….. so it’s possible….direct deportation thru bottom opening
    planes is a possibility. Return not poss. Anjem Choudhari and his ilk should be
    deported like this….silent under-radar flights over their favorite muslim
    country and in-flight opening airplane holds…..the allahhooooakkkhhhbbbaaarrr
    will stop before the last 200 feet. It will be silent for the sleeping muslims below
    and for us all over the globe. Who did it and all these questions will be left
    to those who find these drops that should start happening frequently. The first
    muslim holey man on the site will say it’s a miracle of Ha-Hallla and will
    recommend special high volume high octane and highly stupid so-called prayers
    for the dead meat and after that they’ll all casually and instinctively riot.
    WE’re cool with that.
    Silence is golden …our gold.

    Hippies show us
    flowers and muslims show us
    our blood. What do you want to see?

  4. docmusic

    That is a mosque they
    are building. Have no doubt about that. Wait till they ask for a minaret or
    four..then they’ll put in the loudspeakers and then nu york will sound like
    saudi arabia and nu-yorkers will have to stand still and then no eating in the
    day time in ramadan and all that nonsense and then….War. Islam will lose. That
    will be the real nu-york minute.

  5. nara

    im an arab muslim woman and no we dont build mosques when there is victory or whatever he just a terrible media that allows such people to insult and say false things about other religions a devout muslim and i have studied in christian schools and have christian friends ..we respect and like each over though we are differnet..i do that because its what quran taught me.we are told to treat nonmuslims with “ber” which is utmost respect and fairness..i just dont know how igonrant these ppl would be ..they try to spread a hate message .i mean there are christians who hurt muslims but we never said christianity is bad and blamed all christians ,its not even allowed to say that in media in my country.its aronic how american media is so sensitive and careful about jews but they seem to compete who will attack islam more.

  6. treborc

    They could drop you of course your such an air head you not make a mess

  7. docmusic

    WOW!! How sweet ! You’re in islam…WOW !!
    You are a muslim…Fantastic. WOW !! You love islam !! You
    have to love it . There is no way out !! You are trapped and finished. WOW!! You must be sooo smart.
    Education has by-passed you obviously. Terrific !!

    It is actually your frightened ancestors fault that you have
    fallen into the slime of islam….it is an ancestral fail if your offspring
    finds islam attractive and worth joining. It is a parenting blunder of epic
    proportions as their genealogy and progeny will in the end come out in the far
    run twisted and dirty thinking if islam is invited into the current gene pool
    by you.

    You’re done….keep your fingers crossed…..but
    you can’t because that would be un-islamic….you’re getting the point . Go ask
    that idiot that keeps you in islam what’s the arabic word for child molesters
    and pedophiles……hear what he/she says……you now have no escape……There are
    still no laws on the planet in place that protect muslims who want to revert to
    being humans. Start your own i suggest… you are muslim. WOW !!

    The lovely Misery that is islam can only be felt by
    muslims….all their lives…..Now you feel this brotherhood of misery
    too. What more could you ask for ? What more could you ask for….and if you’re
    Vegan too … must be double loving it !! And you’ve done all this to
    yourself by yourself. You’re sooo smart….quickly change your name to some
    guttaral arabic name….You’re on.

    It is your own bad karma
    you’re muslim today. No hope for you. You’re done. No way out…..Stupidity makes
    sense to muslims. You are muslim …stand proud and look stupid. The karmic
    circle of life dictates that people who should be punished in this life for bad
    deeds done in a previous life come into this life as muslims. Welcome to the
    brotherhood of Misery. You cannot think rationally …you are muslim…..You cannot
    have fun …you can only envy and hate as everyone around you has a good time
    …you are muslim. You’re done. No way out for you. You are muslim… can only
    look at humans …..with envy. There is no way out for you or your hair or your mind !! YOU ARE MUSLIM !!

  8. docmusic

    You do not still see
    far…if we don’t stop this political and has-to-be pedophilic human-looking
    ideology and its 2billion savages we will also have to become like them…..we
    as in our children. muslims have no option but to behave like this. Every one
    of these islamic nutcases has a polite gentle ancestry like us that was warped
    and twisted by islamic wardens called sheiks and imans and other nutty sounding
    titles. In case anyone forgets…. all the
    poison is in the recipe book the holey-co-ran. Read this regularly to recharge
    your hate for non-muslims and anything anything anything non-islamic. It is
    Written in Arabic. But at last we are translating and understanding…..but we
    are still to bang it on the UN table. Who will thump the co-ran in disgust? The
    islam file is fattening.

    We , our children’s
    children will have to be muslims. In islam there is no such thing as a
    non-muslim…it is un-thinkable . The islam-Goal is Planet domination….we
    have to have to have to understand this deadly claw. There is no way out of
    islam. We will have to be muslims…..but if islam was smashed we wouldn’t have
    to worry. Think a bit now….got any ideas that might save our kids ? islam
    the cult is still being classed as a religion. That’s the hiccup. Once we
    re-classify islam as a cult we’re on. Till then its hahalllaaaahhh time.

    is wasting our precious time by making us think like this.

    is islam around ??…someone please tell me.

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