Poll: Public back Labour’s argument the cuts are “too far and too fast”

The latest Sun/YouGov poll shows more support for Labour's argument on the cuts than the coalition's.


The latest Sun/YouGov poll (pdf) shows more support for Labour’s argument on the cuts than the coalition’s. Forty per cent say the government’s public spending cuts are “too deep”, with 43% saying they are “too quick” – echoing Ed Balls’s “too far and too fast” mantra.

As the charts above show, only 28% and 26%, respectively, think the cuts are “about right” in their pace and depth, with just 12% and 13%, respectively, believing the scale of the cuts is “too slow” and “too shallow”.

The poll also reveals 48% say the government’s deficit reduction programme is “bad for the economy” (v 35% good), and 57% say the cuts are being carried out “unfairly” (v 26% fairly). However, 55% say cuts are “necessary”, with less than half that figure (27%) believing they are unnecessary, and 35% say the last Labour government is “most to blame for the current spending cuts”, with 26% blaming the coalition.

Interesting figures – though for some reason, this poll, commissioned by The Sun, appears not to have been covered by The Sun. Now, why might that be?

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