Does Lansley think global warming is a “bourgeois, left-wing” conspiracy?

Andrew Lansley yesterday failed to condemn a Tory council leader who said global warming "may not exist" and was dreamt up by “bourgeois left-wing academics”.


Failed former health secretary Andrew Lansley yesterday failed to condemn a Tory council leader who said global warming “may not exist” and was dreamt up by “bourgeois left-wing academics”.

He was asked by Lib Dem MP for Cambridge, Julian Huppert:

“The leader of Cambridgeshire county council recently wrote that global warming “may not exist” and that if it does, it is “not caused by human activity”.

He described it as a theory espoused by “bourgeois left-wing academics”. Does the Leader of the House join me in condemning this irresponsible and anti-scientific position, and will he find time for a debate about evidence-informed policy?”

Failing to criticise in any way the climate denying Tory council leader, he replied:

I will not join my Honorouble Friend in that respect, although that does not mean that I agree with the leader of Cambridgeshire county council. We are all allowed our views, and he is allowed his.”

He may not agree with him – but he clearly fails, when presented with an open net, to say he disagrees with the view global warming “may not exist” and is a “left-wing” conspiracy.

Just as worrying as a Tory cabinet minister in the “greenest government ever” being ambivalent on climate change conspiracies is the fact a man such as Cllr. Nick Clarke could join from that famed repository of sane science-believers UKIP and rise up the ranks of David Cameron’s Conservatives to lead a council.

Then again, given the prime minister’s pitchfork-wielding contempt for “the intellectuals of other parties”, maybe it’s not so surprising his dimmer colleagues think as they do…

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  1. Newsbot9

    Ah yes, a false appeal from authority. So what are you, a phlebotomist?

    Because nobody remotely familiar with climate science would utter the arrant nonsense you just did.

  2. newton

    “assuming it remains under control” – you really are a twat.

    and can you point me to a study which shows that england will become uninhabitable? no – you just made it up. problem with the global warming debate is it contains liars like you.

    a warmer climate overall will free up large tracts of land in northern canada and siberia. it will make money rather than cost. most of the last 8000 years was warmer than now.

  3. Newsbot9

    DOI 10.1126/science.1224126

    “Lethally hot temperatures during the Early Triassic greenhouse.”

    You’re the liar, the desperate short-termist. You won’t bother to read the paper I just provided you the DOI for, and won’t bother to think about the consequences! An important feedback mechanism your argument relies on simply does not EXIST.

    And wow, some remote woodland which won’t be economical to use will become “freed up”. Yes, keep thinking this will up foe the megadeaths and trillions in spending which you want!

    A typical anti-science crusade ignoring all externalities to line your profit!

  4. newton

    you claimed that “The latest worst case scenario would have much of England uninhabitable.” and I am calling you a liar. Now why don’t you link to the latest research which shows this rather than something barely related?

    the left has really chained itself to this hobby horse but – though climate change is real and certainly affected by humans – there is no evidence for the more alarming predictions – such as an uninhabitable england. Climate change researchers find this sort of extremist fear-mongering embarrassing.

    I met an idiot from a green/climate catastrophe NGO once who said we couldn’t ‘save the planet’ and have democracy. We would need an “environmental dictator”.

    Now, can I have that link?

  5. Newsbot9

    I gave you the link. A DOI is Digital Object Identifier, copy/paste it into google. And unlike a URL, it does not require moderator approval to show up, and hence is instantly visible.

    You are calling me a liar for believing in Science, I understand. Never mind that the previously believed maximum temperatures would have left the UK simply very hot, now we knot that limit does not exist.

    And darn straight the vast majority of the left (not the greens) believe in science.

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