LFF gave me a platform to be heard

At Left Foot Forward, we are making a fundraising appeal - please donate.

Dear reader,

As you may have seen, Left Foot Forward is launching a fundraising appeal this summer. When I started writing, no-one did more to give me a platform to be heard. When the rest of the media turned away, Left Foot Forward listened. I wanted to tell you why I’m supporting the appeal and why I think it’s crucial Left Foot Forward’s evidence-based blogging continues.

A few years ago, I started to campaign against welfare reform. Sick and disabled people are facing a full £9.2 billion of the government’s deficit reduction plan. Campaigners like me had a hard job. No politicians were on our side and the public only heard from a biased, uninformed media.

Left Foot Forward didn’t just publish our articles. They were always there for advice, they introduced us to important contacts, put together the first Welfare fringe at Compass conference and gave us the confidence to take our battle to the next level.

The Spartacus Report would never have happened without the unstinting loyalty and passion of Left Foot Forward’s team and all the others who took no credit. Campaigners are only ever as good as their supporters.

Left Foot Forward is aiming to raise £3,000 this summer so it can gear up this autumn for the government’s return to Westminster and its attempts to cause further harm to Britain’s welfare system.

Left Foot Forward needs every reader to step up, make a small donation today and keep them successful.

There are now scores of readers making small monthly payments to Left Foot Forward and hundreds making small donations every year.

Can you join them and make a one off donation today to help achieve their £3,000 summer fundraising target?

Thanks for your time,

Sue Marsh

ps. If you would like to make a more regular contribution to Left Foot Forward, get in touch and ask for a standing order form.

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