Syrians are hopeful as the fall of Assad looks imminent

Do recent events signal the end for Assad’s reign over Syria?

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The people of Syria have taken to twitter and the blogosphere to express their excitement at the prospect of Syrian president Bashir al-Assad leaving power.

The reports of hope and excitement are a refreshing change from first-hand accounts of recent massacres in Syria.


One blogger wrote (translation):

“Yesterday .. A violent attack of emotions and made ​​me Ajtahani failed hard .. It is the joy of the approach of the sense of freedom, a sense of freedom and quite frankly I say freedom from Al Asad

“I feel freedom yesterday it was not clear .. Was very confused .. Discussion of hundreds of conflicting in my mind .. Filled with thoughts of the great incidents changed me a lot during the year and a half of the revolution

“I remembered the beginning and the analysis and expectations .. I remembered the sit-ins .. Logos .. Banners .. Martyrs .. Children .. Insisting songs .. .. Struggle … Supporting us .. Our enemies ..”

Things are particularly tense in Syria at the moment following comments made by a Russian ambassador saying that Assad is ready to leave power in an “orderly way”. However, this has since been denied by Syrian authorities.


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The change of mood comes following the news that leading figures of Assad’s regime has been assasinated by rebel forces. Left Foot Forward reported yesterday:

The opposition describe the latest developments as “the beginning of the end” of the Assad family’s 42-year reign of terror with US officials working on contingency plans for a collapse of the Syrian government, focusing on the chemical weapons Syria is believed to possess – WMDs an increasingly desparate, end-is-nigh Assad may unleash on opposition forces and civilians.

We also reported on how David Cameron told journalists in Kabul that it was time for Assad “to go”:

“I would have a very clear message for President Assad, which is, it is time for him to go, it is time for transition in this regime.

“Clearly Britain doesn’t support violence on either side. But if there isn’t transition, it’s quite clear there is going to be civil war. That is the clear fact I think that we can all see on the ground.”

Do recent events signal the end for Assad’s reign over Syria?


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