George Osborne is now talking about Greek exit, having previously criticized loose talk

George Osborne is now talking up Greek exit, having previously criticized loose talk

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Last month, George Osborne criticised loose talk over the prospect of a Greek exit from the eurozone:

“Of course countries have got to make difficult decisions about their public finances. We know that in Britain. But it’s the open speculation from some members of the eurozone about the future of some countries in the eurozone which I think is doing real damage across the whole European economy.”

And yet, speaking at a business event run by The Times yesterday, he appeared to speculate openly on the future of particular eurozone countries:

“I ultimately don’t know whether Greece needs to leave the euro in order for the eurozone to do the things necessary to make their currency survive…

“I just don’t know whether the German government requires Greek exit to explain to their public why they need to do certain things like a banking union, eurobonds and things in common with that.”

Silly old George.

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