Osborne actually 52 times more privileged than Miliband claimed

Alex Hern shows quite how expensive Osborne's skiing holiday was.

Ed Miliband flubbed a line today at PMQs, accusing Cameron of attacking strikers, such as cleaners or dinner ladies, who

“earn in a week what the chancellor pays for his annual skiing holiday”

Unless the chancellor is going on budget student ski trips, it seems unlikely that his skiing holiday costs just £231. And indeed, it seems he spent rather more than that.

As the Mail reported in January:

Osborne has been staying with wife Frances and their two children at the Swiss resort which is regarded as a ‘winter playground for the rich and famous’.

It would normally cost around £11,000 for a similar family holiday at the resort.

For reference, the minimum wage for a 21 year old working a 35 hour week with four weeks holiday and ten bank holidays is £9830.40.

Osborne’s clearly taking the piste.

Watch a video of the exchange below:

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