Is Piers next on the chopping block?

Though most eyes remain fixed on News International, Piers Morgan’s time as editor of the Daily Mirror is coming under the spotlight over phone hacking.

Despite the resignation of Rebekah Brooks it looks like the true extent of phone hacking in the British media is only just beginning to unravel. It will come as no surprise to most that the News of the World is not the only paper were misdeeds are alleged to have occurred, with Piers Morgan’s time as editor of the Daily Mirror currently under the spotlight.

Attention is now turning to how the Mirror obtained their exclusive, prize winning exposé of the affair between Ulrika Jonsson and Sven-Göran Eriksson, with critics of Morgan alleging the exclusive was a direct result of phone hacking and that he was not only aware of the illegal activity, but encouraged its use.

Further criticism is based on the following extract from his diary, which was originally traced by Guido Fakwes:

“Apparently if you don’t change the standard security code that every phone comes with, then anyone can call your number and, if you don’t answer, tap in the standard four digit code to hear all your messages.

“I’ll change mine just in case, but it makes me wonder how many public figures and celebrities are aware of this little trick.”

The allegations have been overshadowed by the media focus on News International and are yet to gain significant coverage in the UK press, with only the Daily Express choosing to focus on the allegations. Whether this will change remains to be seen, although Brooks’s resignation is likely to keep the news cycle firmly fixed on News International for the time being.

The crusade has instead been led by Guido Fawkes, who continues to be at the forefront of new developments, as evidenced by his latest revelation, that the current editor of the Sunday Mirror, Tina Weaver, has been accused of phone hacking by Max Keiser, a Russia Today reporter, and that Morgan is similarly implicated.

In light of these developments, MPs have been quick to call for Morgan to appear before the judge-led inquiry into phone hacking and he is almost certain to be called. If further allegations arise it is likely to draw other news groups into a mire they desperately want to avoid.

Trinity Mirror are currently standing behind their former employee, having issued a statement strenuously denying the allegations:

“Trinity Mirror’s position is clear. Our journalists work within the criminal law and the PCC code of conduct.”

Should further evidence be presented, it is not yet known whether the group will continue to back him or attempt to isolate the incident and protect their shareholders by pinning the blame entirely on Morgan.

On the other side of the pond, the allegations have drawn more attention with CNN, Morgan’s current employers drawing flak from other US news organisations for refusing to comment on the allegations. Piers is also keeping his head down and declined to comment when contacted by the Express.

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33 Responses to “Is Piers next on the chopping block?”

  1. Sue Marsh

    RT @leftfootfwd: Is Piers next on the chopping block? <Guardian expose NI, Guido exposes Mirror. A pattern emerging?

  2. Tom Rouse

    Is @PiersMorgan next on the chopping block? asks @TRouse11 #phonehacking #hackgate

  3. Paul Trembath

    Is @PiersMorgan next on the chopping block? asks @TRouse11 #phonehacking #hackgate

  4. Rich Carey

    Is @PiersMorgan next on the chopping block? asks @TRouse11 #phonehacking #hackgate

  5. Huw Griffiths

    Dear @piersmorgan Enjoy your evening being unduly smug about something or other –

  6. Dear Cohen

    @alicewalkington ahaha RT @leftfootfwd Is @PiersMorgan next on the chopping block? asks @TRouse11 #phonehacking

  7. Aaron White

    Dear @piersmorgan Enjoy your evening being unduly smug about something or other –

  8. Hal Roberts

    PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN>>>RT @ed_son: Dear @piersmorgan Enjoy your evening being unduly smug about something or other –

  9. Graham Sanders

    "@leftfootfwd: Is @PiersMorgan next on the chopping block? asks @TRouse11 #phonehacking #hackgate" That would be v sad.

  10. Harriet Ainscough

    Is @PiersMorgan next on the chopping block? asks @TRouse11 #phonehacking #hackgate

  11. Tom Adams

    RT @leftfootfwd: Is Piers next on the chopping block?

  12. Discordian

    Is Piers Moron next on the chopping block?

  13. Emily Needham

    RT @leftfootfwd: Is Piers next on the chopping block? PLEASE GOD

  14. matthew fox

    Why do people give Paul Staines so much credit, he has no EVIDENCE. He lifts an article from Morgan’s own book and then starts throwing mud.

    Notice how he does all this from the comfort of Ireland.

  15. Secret Lemonade Drinker

    Fingers crossed Moron gets jailed for a long time. I cannot understand why he has made such a media comeback since he was fired from The Mirror and why people choose to watch his programmes. These people must be the self-same people who buy the tabloid drivel obtained by such illegal methods.

    By the way Foxy, I don’t think you’ll find Guido in a verdant pasture in Ireland: more likely down the boozer in Westminster.

  16. Jack Barker

    Nothing on the phone hacking from @piersmorgan….and then this

  17. chris star

    Is Piers next on the chopping block?

  18. Chris

    RT @leftfootfwd: Is Piers next on the chopping block? #hackgate

  19. Ho Hum

    Is @piersmorgan next on the chopping block? @PiersTonight @jonathanwald @kingsthings @cnnbrk @AC360

  20. Richard Gadsden

    Note the tense in that Trinity Mirror denial

  21. Chris Keegan

    @stephenfry's radio 4 pun about countryside still make me chuckle. Is Piers next on the chopping block?

  22. Philip Walmsley

    RT @leftfootfwd: Is Piers next on the chopping block?

  23. Richard

    If that is the entirety of the Trinity Mirror statement, no judge would consider it to be a denial, let alone a strenuous one. You really should take more care over your reporting.

  24. Richard Hartley <– Piersmorgan up for investigation, maybe :s #notw

  25. John Ruddy

    Much as I find Morgan repugnant, this is really evidence of anything, is it? And if a quote from Morgan’s own diaries (much of which has been proven to have been made up) then he really is struggling for material these days.

  26. matthew fox

    @Secret Lemonade Drinker

    Having seen the size of Paul Staines, are you sure it’s not a McDonalds.

  27. Dekionplexis

    Is @PiersMorgan next on the chopping block? asks @TRouse11 #phonehacking #hackgate

  28. Anon E Mouse

    matthew fox – Instead of smearing another blogger personally who’s views you disagree with, why not try and answer his points?

    Piers Morgan himself stated how easy it was to “hack” phones – what is your opinion on that?

    After watching in disbelief as the useless Gordon Brown lied in Parliament and on the BBC I’d have thought you’d have wanted to get to the truth…

  29. matthew fox

    @ Anon E Ratface.

    I think you will find Paul Staines alcohol abuse is well documented, and his conviction for drink driving is on the record.

    I guess you don’t understand the word smear, then again, your IQ is lower then Jack Russell’s test batting average.

    Only a simpleton like you would lift a quote out of a book and some how think it is a smoking gun.

    I live for the day they find a cure for stupidity, then there will be hope for you anon e ratface.

  30. Anon E Mouse

    matthew fox – You say Guido’s “alcohol abuse is well documented”. And?

    Ed Miliband’s ex News International chief spin doctor’s cocaine abuse is also well documented. And?

    So what? It’s none of my business or yours and it does not lessen their opinion. Their opinion is either valid or not valid but your remarks are just New Labour smearing and playing the man not the ball.

    Your limited intelligence means it is probably the only option for you but may I suggest just saying nothing.

    The author of this article asks a perfectly valid question but all you do is attempt to smear people instead of questioning if the facts are correct or otherwise.

    Piers Morgan, (the man who faked pictures of “atrocities” by British soldiers when a war was on) has described the phone “hacking” in his book.

    That’s a FACT, as true as the fact Ed Miliband the tax avoiding property millionaire has never done a single days work in his life.

    Both are facts and you don’t like them because they show you up for what you are…

  31. matthew fox

    @ Anon E Ratface

    Why have you avoided the fact that Paul Staines is a convicted drink-driver.

    How can I smear someone when I state as fact, Paul Staines has problems abusing alcohol.

    Your still struggling heavily with the term ” Smear ”

    Do you know who documented Tom Baldwin cocaine habit, a News International newspaper called ” The Sun “, for some strange reason, the story was published on the 9th of July 2011.

    Don’t you struggle with the timing of this story?

    As for all this guff over Piers Morgan, no one including Paul Staines, has not made a complaint to the police, no one has made a statement implicating Piers Morgan in any activities, yet for some reason, he is guilty.

    Why are people sitting on all this incriminating evidence against Piers Morgan? come on Anon E Ratface?

    If I where you, I would make a complaint to the police immediately.

  32. Anon E Mouse

    matthew fox – What does the fact he has a previous conviction for anything from Guido affect his opinion?

    That is smearing plain and simple.

    Tom Baldwin’s excessive cocaine habit was documented in print in 2005… 6 years before the Sun published it.

    I believe in a free press or we wouldn’t have Watergate, cash for honours, Lord Archer’s perjury, John Prescott playing croquet and having affairs, Westland Helicopters, WMD in Iraq and on and on.

    But only you criticise Tom Baldwin for his illegal drug taking – I don’t. I just don’t happen to agree his advice to Ed Miliband is any good – it isn’t.

    As for Piers Morgan it is not guff. I read it myself in his book – he doesn’t deny it and claims they “were all at it” and it was brought up without retraction at the Commons Select Committee this afternoon.

    Are you seriously now saying that Piers Morgan, in view of all this hoo hah would have made that up?

    No one could be that stupid matthew fox although with your replies in this forum I may be wrong.

    The Piers Morgan thing will come along all in good time and as usual you will realise I am right as usual…

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