Left Foot Forward’s Nicola Smith named Workworld Blogger of the Year

Left Foot Forward's Nicola Smith was named Blogger of the Year at the Work Foundation's 'Workworld Media Awards' last night.

We’ve just had the Golden Globes, we’ve got the Baftas on Sunday, with the Grammys, Brits and Oscars next month… Not to be outdone, hacks, wonks and politicos had their turn last night at the Work Foundation’s ‘Workworld Media Awards’ – with our very own labour market correspondent Nicola Smith picking up the gong for Blogger of the Year.

Nicola, who blogs for the TUC’s Touchstone blog in addition to Left Foot Forward, told us:

“I am extremely happy to have won this award, which was made possible by the hard work of colleagues at both Left Foot Forward and Touchstone.

“The award is recognition of the incisive and evidence based approach that both blogs seek to take.”

For examples of Nicola’s incisive, evidence based blogging you need look no further than today, with a couple of excellent articles on David Cameron’s defence of the Future Jobs Fund axing at PMQs on Touchstone, and a detailed analysis of today’s labour market statistics on Left Foot Forward, which featured a graph contrasting the high number of unemployed people and the low number of vacancies.

She was commended for:

“… her ability to look behind the news stories and ground her blogs in serious-minded evidence and data.”

The keynote speaker at the awards was Labour peer Lord Puttnam, fresh from the marathon 36-hour Parliamentary Voting System and Constituency Bill debate, about which he said:

“It is vital that Parliament works and finds consensus for crucial constitutional change… I want to leave behind something coherent and sustainable.”

While executive vice chair of The Work Foundation Will Hutton, eschewing the Ricky Gervais school of compering, said:

“Economics and work journalists have hardly been living through dull times in recent years. Banks, bankers and bonuses; austerity, cuts and unemployment; Dave, Nick and Vince: it is the kind of drama that makes for a rich harvest of Workworld entries. We have not been disappointed.”

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