BNP’s Oldham candidate shows the party’s as racist as ever

A racist video from the BNP candidate in Oldham East and Saddleworth, Derek Adams, shows that the party are still as racist as ever, reports Chris Tarquini.

With the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election looming, much of the focus has been on the fortunes of the Liberal Democrats, who face their first test with the voters since deciding to prop up the Tory-led government. Whilst past results suggest the three largest parties will easily take the vast majority of the votes, the far-right British National Party are among the minor parties contesting the seat.

Following Nick Griffin’s decision not to stand and therefore avoid electoral humiliation in Oldham, the BNP chose their previous candidate, former pub landlord Derek Adams, to stand in his place.

After the BNP failed to gain any seats at the previous general election Adams released a video which presents a false and racist image of how Britain has changed over the previous decades; whilst most sane politicians would want the video to be buried Adams seems to be embracing it even with a fresh candidacy for a parliamentary seat looming.

The video uses selective images of the faces of ethnic minorities (of no determined religion) to illustrate their claims of negative changes in British society, with young white children representing Adams’ strange image of a past, fictional British society, showing that racism is as alive and well in the BNP as it has ever been.

Amongst Adams’ targets seems to be a group of parliamentary candidates, all of whom are ethnic minorities, under the caption ‘when we’re in power we’ll let our Muslim brothers and sisters in’. He further takes aim at David Miliband, where a picture of Mr Miliband is accompanied by the words ‘Coming from immigrant stock I know the importance of letting anyone and everyone come to ‘our’ country’, a reference to the Labour MP’s Jewish and Eastern European ancestry.

Some may argue that starving the BNP of publicity is the best way to prevent them from gaining support, however Nick Griffin’s exposure on Question Time led to a decline in electoral support as they were shown for what they are. Perhaps the most disgusting of all the parts of the video was the using of images of a graveyard full of dead soldiers that Adams tries to co-opt for his own political purposes.

The video is just one of a series of embarrassing stories emerging from the divided BNP in recent months. London BNP assembly member Richard Barnbrook was expelled from the party in September 2010 following a leadership challenge to Griffin; Barnbrook was previously revealed to sleep with a copy of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ under his bed by his Finnish mistress.

Despite leader Nick Griffin’s claims to have changed the party from its racist past, the video from the man who is currently one of its standard bearers show that nothing could be further from the truth. Every negative image in the video is an ethnic minority, every positive one a white Briton. The party claims to have changed, but the facts don’t support that. The next question must be, what scandal will rock the BNP next?

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42 Responses to “BNP’s Oldham candidate shows the party’s as racist as ever”

  1. kevin budd

    RT @leftfootfwd: BNP's Oldham candidate shows the party's as racist as ever: writes Chris Tarquini

  2. Andrew Fenlon

    RT @leftfootfwd: BNP's Oldham candidate shows the party's as racist as ever: writes Chris Tarquini

  3. Mark Selwyn

    @hobgoblin73 Thought you might be interested… Oldham doesn't get its self in the news very often!

  4. greg

    The high court have recently ruled that the BNP is a non racist legal political party.

  5. Eleanor Besley

    RT @leftfootfwd: BNP's Oldham candidate shows the party's as racist as ever

  6. Noxi

    BNP's Oldham candidate shows the party's as racist as ever | Left Foot Forward

  7. Oasis Caretaker

    RT @leftfootfwd: BNP's Oldham candidate shows the party's as racist as ever: writes Chris Tarquini

  8. Margaret Showell

    I really don’t understand why certain people have to find a problem with British National Party policies, it is not racist to put your own people first.
    The problem is, this country is full, we just have not got the resources to
    cope with the mass immigration that we have experienced over the last decade.
    Nothing personal to the people arriving on our shores, just that we can’t cope and this is the only country I have I can’t hop on a plane at the first sign of trouble back to my country of origin because I haven’t got one,this is my country the only one I have.

  9. Mr. Sensible

    The first challenge for the BNP must be to get its own house in order…

  10. Chris W

    Wow, I had a look at some of his other videos, they’re really shocking. Whats more amazing is that he would stand by them rather than try to cover them up in the run up to the election. Those are the actions of a truly warped mind.

  11. Kirklees Unity

    BNP's Oldham candidate shows the party's as racist as ever | Left Foot Forward

  12. Chris Paul

    RT @kirkleesunity: BNP's Oldham candidate shows the party's as racist as ever | Left Foot Forward

  13. andy

    Nice couple of selected photos of Griffin. Always portray him as mad, thats what i say.

    You are right, It ridiculous to claim that Britain has changed for the worst at all in the last 50 years. That mythical all white Britain was boring, stagnant and wholly unhealthy.

    Milliband was right. The fact he is from an immigrant Jewish background is irrelevant. He is a global citizen, we are all global citizens. I say lets allow free entry and in the interests of basic justice people from poor countries should be given priority.

    Forward with liberalism and socialism…..Keep up the good work.

  14. Kiren - RAY OF LIGHT

    RT @kirkleesunity: BNP's Oldham candidate shows the party's as racist as ever | Left Foot Forward

  15. Discussion Court

    RT @kirkleesunity: BNP's Oldham candidate shows the party's as racist as ever | Left Foot Forward

  16. Joshi Sachdeo

    RT @kirkleesunity: BNP's Oldham candidate shows the party's as racist as ever | Left Foot Forward

  17. Jason G

    Perhaps Chris you don’t live in London. Parts of it have changed beyond recogntion over the past 20 years – and not in a good way. There are ghettos of unintegrated people. Parts of North and South London could be towns in africa or the middle east. I don’t feel ‘enriched’ not hearing a word of English on the bus into work anymore…..

  18. Nikhil Shah

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the main message of this post seems to be “the BNP make out there weren’t black and Asian kids in every British school prior to the 60s, the fools!”. Note to LFF: there weren’t!

  19. Spir.Sotiropoulou

    RT @leftfootfwd: BNP's Oldham candidate shows the party's as racist as ever

  20. donald james pearl

    RT @leftfootfwd: BNP's Oldham candidate shows the party's as racist as ever

  21. Steve Bosanko

    You are forgetting something – The BNP is supported by highly intellectual individuals such as myself. Also the recent earth shattering victory by the BNP v The Commission for Racial equality in the High Court in London last month. Given the Judges order – your would be well advised Not to discriminate against the indigenous British, as you overtly do in this article You may end up in Court yourself.

  22. Life: Downloaded

    RT @leftfootfwd: BNP's Oldham candidate shows the party's as racist as ever

  23. Mohammed

    The BNP is and always will be a racist party! thats a fact, however where there is BNP and EDL or any other racist organisation you will find Islamic Extremists, both as bad as each other!

    I was born in the UK from immigrant parents whom entered the UK officially, While in the UK my parents had three sons, which one became and RAF pilot, one Royal Marine Commando and I myself a Barrister, I have paid my taxes on every job I done, I have not sat on my backside moaning about muslims, jews, blacks or an all WHITE UK.

    However I’am told that if the EDL and BNP were in power I would be removed from my birth country! so let me ask this question to the BNP or the EDL. Me and my family have given have this country more than you can ever give, who should be removed..?

  24. andy


    Yes, you are correct!! The Nazi/racist/fascist BNP would deport, at the point of a gun, every last person with a dark complexion. Those they couldn’t deport they would probably send to the gas chambers.

    After the people of colour, they would eliminate Jews, white foreigners and eventually the Irish and the Catholics.

    We must never surrender to these animals in Union Flags.

    Forward with liberalism and socialism….Keep the red flag flying

  25. Dave

    Yes, andy, keep the red flag flying – until it is torn down and replaced by the black flag of Islam.
    Nazi,racist,fascist? Gas chambers? What a puerile individual you appear to be.The BNP has “people of colour,” Jews, white foreigners and Irish Catholics as members. Griffin is an Irish name, by the way. Grow up andy.
    BNP policy is financially assisted repatriation – your silly accusations are figments of a tortured imagination. Visit their website and see for yourself.

  26. Georgeman

    I suppose you forget 1 thing andy, More people died under Communism and Marxism then they did Hitler, and you want to see the red flag fly high above us all, read Agenda 21 (The real version)Read into the Zionist Bankers, read into this whole Immigration scam, You my friend are a Traitor.

    We will not Kill anyone, have you heard we are not racist according to the courts (We were not in the first place), so the Constitution is perfectly good, and our Policies common sense and fair.

  27. pontaprint

    Mohammed you unfortunately display some of the characteristics that put people off immigration.

    You’ve lived in this country how long? You write like a 5 year old. Talking about unskilled immigration, you are barely literate. You are also an extremist and a liar – you claim the EDL wants you deported. Any proof of that?

    It’s raving fanatics like you that makes normal people wonder if the last 50 years was a mistake or not.

  28. seymore

    one can only think why the left are so paranoid about the 4th largest party.
    it must be because they know the game is up,we have nothing to fear from small partys like bnp/ukip/greens etc. its the old gang of three we cant get rid of. with the 2 horse -race voting system soon to be AV the 3 horse all finish 1st scam say this about griffin and bnp “they never stole our money or sent our troops to kill over 1 millon muslims a?
    first con

  29. Daniel Pitt

    RT @kirkleesunity: BNP's Oldham candidate shows the party's as racist as ever | Left Foot Forward

  30. ColinW

    Almost as racist as Jack “muslim grooming” Straw,Phil “make the white folks angry” Woolas et al?

  31. Robert Lucas

    Nasty Nick and his BNP cohorts up to their usual

  32. Oldham East and Saddleworth Online Hustings « Paperback Rioter

    […] there is an interview with him on the Saddleworth News website. Left Foot Forward have an article about him too, which is less than […]

  33. Joe

    As an Ex Service man I’m amazed at how many people are blind to what’s happening all around them, Corrupt Politicians in every major party, The Country selling it’s grandmother to make a profit for the already rich, No jobs due to no Industry & over Immigration, Our culture & Heritage being eroded every day, Christians persicuted & the media afraid to tell the truth, Years ago the National Front was a bad thing, the BNP is not the National Front, I along with a vast number of Ex Service men & women are joining the BNP & I have as my best mate a Jamacian who agrees with me. And to all the Coloured People here you will not be made to leave that’s a Lie & people like me will welcome you as long as you obey the law, respect this Country & its traditions, just like any other citizen, that’s all we ask, & if you were born here you are British anyway, if you want to be.

  34. Joe

    Also Mohammed you are a Liar as No Barrister would ever comment as poorly as you. They possess ethics & standards way beyond your wildest dreams, I think?

  35. seymore

    i cant see why the bnp dont adopt the same immigration policy as india,pakistan,china and japan and have I.O.P.(indeginous origin persons)visa’s only for permanent settlement because its not racist in those countrys! or do we smell a left wing double standard somewhere?

  36. Tina

    Comment by Joe on January 10, 2011 at 2:50 am – I agree with every single word you wrote Joe. Thank you.

  37. RedHeadFashionista

    The main problem with the BNP is the fact that they seem to have become an umbrella party for all the nutjob racists in this country. I’ve recently been hounded on Twitter by a chap who is a radical BNP supporter, who calls himself a patriot. I have asked him a few simple questions about his views, to which he responded by calling me a racist foreigner (even though I’m willing to bet that my, as he calls it, ‘racial identity’, is just as, if not more, historically British than he is), spamming me with history programme links and generally descending into insults. This isn’t the kind of support that will do the BNP any favours if they want to establish themselves as a serious party.

  38. Paul

    That “strange image of a past fictional Britain” is neither strange nor fictional. It was like that. Talk to someone that was there before spouting about something you have no way of ever understanding. Adam’s pictures are of course selective but non the less real.

  39. Steve from Canada

    The second i read the BNP manifesto, i was convinced this is the only real party out there.

    Sadly, Canada is plagued with liberalism.

    Non Europeans will be a majority by 2030 and the major cities are at 50% minority status, Europeans are being ethnically cleanse, christianity denounced by the education system which is very liberal.

    Ghettos have formed all over the major cities, exactly the same as Britain.

    This is a western world wide problem, not just affecting Britain but France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, etc

  40. MAc

    I find it strange that all those Commentators who want an ‘enriched’ Britain should vote Labour… Have you all forgotten Camoron’s handshake with Erdogan of Turkey and his ANGER at the EU’s DELAYS in welcoming Turkey into the EU…
    “”David Cameron has promised to “fight” for Turkey’s membership of the European Union, saying he is “angry” at the slow pace of negotiations.””

    I think all you out there who whine that there is not enough ‘diversity’ in your neck of the woods (obviously from the leafier suburbs) would do well to Vote Tory…
    anyway if and when Turkey (Asian islamic state of 70+ milliom moslims) enter the EU that MUST end in Civil War. Even the most submissive, cowardly Brit will say enough is enough, unless of course you want your grand/children having to live their lives as an Infidel minority in an islamic Britain (their own Homeland)…
    As for Mohammed (above)… LYING SCUMBAG, unless there are barristers who gain degrees without standard grade English… ‘Bus driver: maybe….. Barrister! Forget it…

  41. Griffin runs for the hills when confronted with fraud allegations | Left Foot Forward

    […] also: • BNP’s Oldham candidate shows the party’s as racist as ever – Chris Tarquini, January 5th […]

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