“Broken Britain” turned on its head

The Labour party's latest online video turns David Cameron's "Broken Britain" narrative on its head - with a positive twist.

After a week where the Labour party has been accused of negative campaigning, their latest online video turns David Cameron’s “Broken Britain” narrative on its head – with a positive twist.

On first viewing, I was a bit unsure by the worst party election broadcast, but stick with it for a clever twist.

Watch it:

The Conservatives have repeatedly talked down Britain during the election campaign:

• Chris Grayling has repeatedly misused crime statistics;

• Paul Krugman has dismissed comparisons made by Conservatives between the UK and Greece;

• Conservative scaremongering about the threat of a hung parliament is not backed up by market behaviour

• David Cameron has been challenged by Channel 4 Fact Check for his description of Labour’s poverty record;

• The Tories were criticised for erroneously claiming that half of teenagers in some areas fell pregnant; and

Public Finance magazine showed that the Tories had misused incapacity benefit figures.

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