More Cameron claims fall flat

David Cameron's performance in Thursday's leaders' debate continued to unravel this weekend.

David Cameron’s performance in Thursday’s leaders’ debate continued to unravel this weekend. His claims that Humberside Police had “five different police cars and they were just about to buy a ¬£73,000 Lexus” were disputed by the police, who pointed out just how misleading and factually inaccurate he was. The Met also challenged Cameron’s jibes about “form-fillers” as misleading and out of context.

He has also been called out in a new video which highlights more differences between what he says on camera, and what he does off it: fine words on care for the elderly – but he walked away from cross party talks on care; on policing – but he won’t protect the police from cuts; and on education – yet schools will also not be protected from cuts.

Watch it:

On Friday, Left Foot Forward debunked Cameron’s misleading use of cancer stats, and his bracketing of China with Iran as potential nuclear threats to this country.

Also this weekend, his farcical anecdote about meeting a “40-year-old black man” who had served in the Navy “for 30 years” fell apart, the Plymouth Herald revealing the gentleman in question is 51 years old. He told the paper that:

“Britain needs immigrants.”

For more anecdotes from the leader of the Tory party, check out the David Cameron anecdote generator.

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