“It’s answer time, David”

There’ll be plenty of these in the next few days but this was the first punch landed of the debates:

Hat-tip: Political Scrapbook

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6 Responses to ““It’s answer time, David””

  1. AnyoneButCameron

    RT @leftfootfwd: "It's answer time, David" http://bit.ly/cmhfxm #leadersdebate

  2. Silent Hunter

    Oh yeah! Gordon was just SO convincing about answering questions. LOL

    Looks like the Lib Dems are going to take a lot of votes from Labour voters who are just too honest and decent to bring themselves to vote for Labour ever again.

    I hope Gordon Brown continues to bang on about Tractor Production Statistics in the rest of the debates – it’s a real voter turn off.

  3. Silent Hunter

    Well doesn’t that say it all – the other blogs are buzzing whilst Will Straws is tumbleweed. LOL

    A good metaphor for the dying days of the corrupt Labour Government,

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  5. Henry

    Why does Silent Hunter think the LibDems will exclusively take votes from Labour? If the LibDems get a bounce, they could just as easily takes votes off the Tories. After all Cameron was pretty useless: oily, evasive & weak.

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