Cameron’s MEPs vote with UKIP & BNP against gender equality

Nearly 90 per cent of David Cameron's MEPs voted against a European Parliament resolution calling for "Action on Gender Equality".

David Cameron’s claims to have modernised the Tory party have suffered setbacks recently with renewed allegations of racism and homophobia – and now evidence, from Europe, of Tory sexism as well. Nearly 90 per cent of Cameron’s MEPs voted against a European Parliament resolution calling for “Action on Gender Equality”.

In all, only 85 of the parliament’s 735 members voted againt the motion22 of them Cameron’s MEPs, nine UKIP and the BNP’s Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons, giving Britain the unwanted distinction of being the only nation with a majority of MEPs against full equality for women.

The Conservative Party manifesto, unveiled this week, states (page 16) that:

“We will look at how to abolish the default retirement age, as many older people want to carry on working. And we will force equal pay audits on any company found to be discriminating on the basis of gender.

It further states (page 35) that:

“By promoting equality and tackling discrimination, our policies, like recognising civil partnerships as well as marriage in the tax system and helping disabled people live independently, will give everybody the chance to play their part. This way, we can make Britain fairer and safer; a country where opportunity is more equal.

Fine words; shame about the actions.

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