Tories “are UKIP, but with an Armani tie”

David Cameron has criticised over his alliance with "the extreme right wing from Eastern Europe", calling them "the nasty party" and "nasty Little Englanders".

A leading French journalist has strongly criticised David Cameron over his alliance with “the extreme right wing from Eastern Europe” – like Michal Kaminski, who has long been accused of homophobia, anti-Semitism and racism – calling the Tories “the nasty party” and “nasty Little Englanders” for their rabid Euroscepticism as it emerged that Nicolas Sarkozy had made an official complaint about jibes from George Osborne.

Speaking on last Friday’s Newsnight, Le Monde’s Marc Roche, who has recently given the shadow Chancellor “a bit of a kicking“, said:

“Cher monsieur, it is exactly the nasty party as far as Europe is concerned, it sides in the European Parliament with the extreme right wing from Eastern Europe, Mr Murdoch is not only supporting the Conservative but he is also advising the Conservative and there is a awful feeling that the Conservative don’t like Europe, they are afraid, they are more sort of nasty Little Englanders something really we don’t like.

Accusing Cameron’s Conservatives of being “nasty and detrimental towards foreigners” and Osborne in particular of making ‘jokes’ “always at the detriment of foreigners”, Roche insisted the shadow Chancellor was an “obscure intellectual lightweight, not taken seriously in the City”, adding:

“[He is a lightweight] compared to Gordon Brown, who is close to Sarkozy, Merkel, Berlusconi, all right-wing leaders … We have seen before, we have had ‘we want our money back’ from Thatcher, we had the exemption clause from Major, we had the three nobodies who succeeded him were all anti-european and now we have again an anti-european, it’s in your blood…

“You are UKIP but with an Armani tie.”

Watch it:

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