Poll trends suggest Labour victory

An analysis of all this years polls, carried out by Left Foot Forward, shows that, Labour is set to overtake the Conservatives in the week of the election.

The Conservative lead in 60 key marginals is down to just two points, a YouGov poll for Channel Four News has found. The poll, carried out in the 60 constituencies that Cameron needs to win an overall majority, sees the Tories on 39 per cent and Labour on 37 per cent, with the Liberal Democrats on 15 per cent.

A seperate analysis of 37 polls this year, carried out by Left Foot Forward – using data from UK Polling Report – shows that, on current trends, Labour is set to overtake the Conservatives in the week of the election, widely predicted to be May 6th.

Today’s C4 News poll results also reveal Gordon Brown is ahead of David Cameron on who is “best equipped to lead Britain out of current economic difficulties”, with Cameron also trailing Brown on whether the government should begin cutting the deficit this year and three-quarters of voters saying the Tory leader is “not much change or worse”.

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