Tory conflict of interest over BT break-up

Questions have been raised over a possible conflict of interest arising from George Osborne’s announcement yesterday that he intends to break up BT as part of his plans for a broadband revolution because it “holds back” companies like Virgin and Carphone Warehouse.

The co-founder of Carphone Warehouse David Ross is a close friend of David Cameron, donating more than £130,000 to the Conservative party. A man not without controversy, he was forced to resign as Boris Johnson’s Olympic Adviser in December 2008 after breaking stock exchange rules by using £157 million of Carphone Warehouse shares to prop up his struggling property empire, and only last December he was questioned by police over an alleged assault.

Here is a detailed breakdown of his donations to the Conservative party; figures obtained from the Electoral Commission:

Received by






Mr David P Ross




CCO David Ross 31/03/2006 £5,300 £30,300
CCO Mr David Ross 20/07/2006 £4,460 £34,760
CCO Mr David Ross 02/10/2006 £3,600 £38,360
Corby David Ross 06/06/2007 £2,500 £40,860
Corby David Ross 19/09/2007 £1,500 £42,360
CCO Mr David Ross 20/12/2007 £41,000 £83,360
Corby Mr David Ross 20/12/2007 £1,500 £84,860
Corby Mr David P J Ross 12/03/2008 £1,500 £86,360
CCO Mr David PJ Ross 08/05/2008 £30,500 £116,860
Corby Mr David PJ Ross 12/06/2008 £1,500 £118,360
Corby Mr David PJ Ross 10/09/2008 £1,500 £119,860
CCO Mr David PJ Ross 10/11/2008 £8,000 £127,860
Corby Mr David PJ Ross 17/12/2008 £1,500 £129,360
Corby Mr David PJ Ross 11/03/2009 £1,500 £130,860
Corby Mr David PJ Ross 18/06/2009 £1,500 £132,360
Corby Mr David PJ Ross 10/09/2009 £1,500 £133,860

The Conservative party were unavailable for comment.

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