Stop Liddle campaign raising donations for an Indy ad

The facebook group campaigning to ensure that Rod Liddle does not become editor of the Independent are asking for donations to buy an advert in the paper.

The facebook group campaigning to ensure that Rod Liddle does not become editor of the Independent are asking for donations to buy an advert in the paper.

An email to the facebook group this afternoon read:

I’m writing again to tell you about our next plan – a simple way that you can help stop Rod Liddle being in charge of your paper.

This Facebook group has caused serious doubts on the parts of Alexander Lebedev about whether to go ahead. I’ve been told by several sources close to the top of the Independent that this appointment looked like a “done deal”, but the Facebook group “has caused real panic and second thoughts.” Lebedev is still considering Liddle, but with ever greater reservations …

So I’m asking you to donate whatever you can – £1 to £10 or more – to make this happen. We need to raise just £500 to place the ad. The decision about the editorship is due to be made in the next few weeks, so we don’t have a lot of time, but I am confident we can get there.

The advert, which plays on the old Independent slogan “It is, Are you?” is hoping to raise £500 for a small advert across two columns. If the advert is rejected the funds will be donated to Refuge – the charity for victims of domestic violence; the Refugee Council; and the Campaign Against Climate Change. Liddle has accepted a caution for hitting his wife, has criticised people fleeing countries like Somalia, and is a renowned climate sceptic.

Online civic organisation 38 Degrees are collecting the donations.

Image hat-tip: Liberal Conspiracy & Beau Bo D’Or

UPDATE 19.20

I’ve just heard that 80 per cent of the target has been reached. If you want to help the campaign get over the edge, donate here.

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10 Responses to “Stop Liddle campaign raising donations for an Indy ad”

  1. Andrew Regan

    @leftfootfwd "Stop Liddle campaign raising …": The facebook group campaigning to ensure that Rod Liddle do… #labour

  2. simon

    Is this the same will straw as the drug dealer with a father who is the great international lawyer that helps send our soldiers to die?

  3. Will Straw

    @sianberry @pickledpolitics put it together. It's the image in this post

  4. Anon E Mouse

    Simon – Three things (and if I’m not the biggest critic on this blog then I don’t know who is – and I need to try harder):

    1. Will Straw smoked dope. And? That doesn’t make him a drug dealer any more than myself, as a daily partaker of alcohol, makes me an alcoholic.

    2. Will Straw is not responsible for the actions of his father (and vice versa) and Jack Straw himself did actually say he wasn’t an international lawyer.

    3. This article is a childish and stupid campaign which is doomed to failure and acts to actually encourage the appointment of Rod Liddle.

    Finally the biggest enemy of our soldiers, after the Taliban, is that idiot Gordon Brown with his disgraceful defence cuts when he was chancellor in wartime.

  5. Anon E Mouse

    LFF Moderators – I’ve been out with my daughter for her 21st and been drinking and the last paragraph should be on another post on the blog. Can you remove it please Will or Shamik and this as well…

  6. David

    Shame on you Simon for your stupid and trivial comment.

  7. modernity

    Still the idea of Liddle becoming editor of the Indy is a bit scary.

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  9. sarah

    Someone ban Simon- or give me the power to do it. Thank you Anon E Mouse for your response to him.

    About the campaign- can we have an update please?

  10. Will Straw

    Thanks for the support, guys.

    Simon – please read our comments policy. You’re comments are welcome so long as you keep them civil:

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