Pickles: Key role for Tory bloggers in rebutting Labour

A Tory bloggers briefing yesterday highlighted the key role that Tory chairman Eric Pickles believes Tory websites will play in rebutting Labour's key messages.

A Tory bloggers’ briefing last night highlighted the key role that Tory Chairman Eric Pickles believes Conservative websites will play in rebutting Labour’s key messages.

Left Foot Forward was alerted to the private discussions by an email from an anonymous blogger describing themselves as “A Tory Friend” which read:

“Eric Pickles and the CCHQ press team told the bloggers they would be given 7am briefing emails or “talk point memos” during the election campaign which would include the days lines and strategy and rebuttals to Labour attacks.”

Shane Greer, who was at the event, denied that bloggers were offered morning emails but told Left Foot Forward:

“Eric Pickles described the role he thought bloggers could play in key marginals to rebut Labour lies where they cropped up.”

Harry Cole, aka Tory Bear, told Left Foot Forward that Pickles said it would be:

“A very dirty election and that’s where you come in … on rebuttal”

On her blog, Lazy Hyena also quotes Pickles:

“This is going to be one of the nastiest, most brutal campaigns in recent history. And that’s where you come in…”

And a hungover Thomas Byrne, who left the drinks at 2am, said he did not want to comment as he, “was not sure what was meant to be said.”

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