Osborne’s climate gaffe

George Osborne this morning claimed that Lord Stern would "advise" the Conservative party. But Lord Stern was quick to deny any advisory role for a political party.

Someone must really want to hurt figure-of-fun, “Boy” George Osborne. As these images from the BBC show, within a minute of announcing that Lord Stern would advise the Conservatives, the man in question had issued a statement denying his involvement.

The full story is reported in the Evening Standard and on Sky. George Osborne announced he was “delighted that Lord Stern has agreed to advise us on the creation of this Green Investment Bank”. Only for Lord Stern to say later:

“I should stress that I am not, and have no plans to be, an adviser to any political party.

“Climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy should be high on the agenda for every political party, not just to reduce the risks that result from greenhouse gas emissions but also to stimulate an exciting period of growth, creativity and innovation.

“I would be willing to speak to the Conservatives’ advisory group about their ideas for a Green Investment Bank, just as I am continuing to contribute to discussions with the Labour Government about policies on climate change.”

Lord Stern was second permanent secretary at the Treasury while Gordon Brown was Chancellor from 2003 until his retirement in 2007.

UPDATE 17.11

Liberal Conspiracy also have the story.

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  1. James Cowley

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  2. Colin Staniland

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  3. Ben Cooper

    RT @leftfootfwd: Osborne's climate gaffe: picture evidence //bit.ly/aYJ7HN < Boy George has been a gift to Labour today!

  4. Ged Robinson

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  5. James Lloyd

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  6. Patrick

    What about the claim made by Osborne about Britain’s falling international standing on regulation and tax burden? (Falling from 4th to 84th/86th)

    Have a blog post about it here //fullfact.org/?p=235 but have been unable to get an answer back from CCHQ as yet…

  7. Anon E Mouse

    Will – it’s just a mistake surely?

    Is this all Labour activists have on the Tories?

    We’re going to get whacked at the end of March I think…

  8. gsdog7

    Osborne's climate gaffe: picture evidence //bit.ly/aYJ7HN (via @leftfootfwd)

  9. James Evershed

    RT @bencooper86: RT @leftfootfwd: Osborne's climate gaffe: picture evidence //bit.ly/aYJ7HN < Boy George has been a gift to Labour today!

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  11. Lolwhites

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  13. Rich Watts

    Just noticed that Lord Stern hadn't agreed at all to advise the Tories on climate stuff. It was just a big fib. //is.gd/7E5Lh

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