Cameron: some of the charges against Kaminski are “absolutely not true”

David Cameron has again defended his European allies, claiming some of the charges against them are "absolutely not true", saying he "wouldn't join" extremists.

David Cameron defended his European allies once again last night, claiming some of the charges levelled against them are “absolutely not true” and insisting he “wouldn’t join up” with parties that were racist or homophobic.

The allegations of extremism about the Tories’ European partners are well known, and have been covered extensively by Left Foot Forward. UK Gay News, however, have unearthed new evidence of homophobia against Michal Kaminski’s Polish Law and Justice party.

They are planning a clampdown on gay websites, with one leading MP claiming they would “monitor homosexual websites because we are dealing with the promotion of the so called ‘positive paedophilia’.” Speaking at Metro’s Cameron Direct question-and-answer session yesterday the Tory leader said:

Some of the stories that have been written about them are absolutely not true. It made perfect sense for us to leave the grouping we were in. I have a very high regard for Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel for example, but we disagreed about the future of Europe.

“I wouldn’t join up with parties that were racist, homophobic or extremist in any way.”

Mr Cameron also defended his plans for marriage tax breaks and said he wouldn’t be afraid of standing up to President Obama.

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