Public turned off Brown telephone row

Bloggers of left and right have rounded on The Sun. But the story appears to be of little interest to readers of the BBC News website.

While bloggers of left and right have rounded on The Sun for their coverage of Gordon Brown’s telephone conversation with a grieving mother, the story appears to be of little interest to readers of the BBC’s website.

Although the story continues to top the bulletins on both BBC and Sky News, it does not even make the top 10 most popular stories with UK-based visitors to the BBC News website.

Bloggers across the political spectrum – including Tory Bear, the Spectator, Mark Reckons, Anthony Painter, and Next Left – have all rounded on The Sun today. Meanwhile Labour List uncovered remarks by Rupert Murdoch, owner of The Sun and Sky, who said he agreed with a controversial US TV presenter, Glenn Beck, and thought President Obama was a racist for remarks made in July over the arrest of a black scholar in July in Cambridge, Massachussets.

This provoked John Prescott to tweet: “Would anyone want Murdoch’s or Sun’s backing now?”

UPDATE 16.17

Michael White on BBC News:

“I’m amazed that the BBC have been making quite so much of The Sun’s story all day because they’re doing Mr Murdoch’s business for him.”

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6 Responses to “Public turned off Brown telephone row”

  1. vj

    or for that matter john prescott in a position of power

  2. Simon

    Why not scroll through the records and add up how much public money has been spent by Labour wining and dining Murdoch and co since 97? Probably enough to pay for a wee bit of body armour.

  3. John Pol

    Public turned off Brown telephone row | Left Foot Forward

  4. Jessica Asato

    If even the right-wing bloggers don't agree with The Sun, you know the paper has lost it on Brown @leftfootfwd

  5. Mark Pack

    One thing that’s damaged The Sun is the way they went so far over the top in the story – including criticising Gordon Brown for not dotting all the i’s in the letter. For consistency, they should of course now be criticising Mrs Thatcher and Winston Churchill too (see ) 🙂

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