Protect children from “evil” of homosexuality, says Cameron’s Lithuanian partner

Cameron's Lithuanian partner reveals his homophobic views. Valdemar Tomasevski describes homosexuality as an "evil" from which children should be protected.

David Cameron’s Lithuanian partner has revealed his homophobic views in an email to Left Foot Forward. Valdemar Tomasevski MEP – leader of the ‘Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania’ and a member of David Cameron’s alliance of far right Europeans – describes homosexuality as an “evil” from which children should be protected and says “we cannot allow these people to claim … that homosexuality is normal.” He goes on to say that most “[most] abortions are made from ignorance.”

The MEP’s own website contains an interview in Lithuanian setting out his views on a range of social issues. This blog asked for a translation and received the following from Tomasevski’s office:

“I accept existence of homosexuals – we are tolerant state. But homosexuality is also a very good example of the wrong understanding of tolerance. We have to respect every human being, including those who experience sexual attraction to the same-sex.

But we cannot allow these people to claim and explain even to children at kindergarten that homosexuality is normal and encourage people to become homosexuals. Those who talk about tolerance should understand that and respect the constitutional right to protecting children from evil.”

The revelations come on the back of an investigation last month by Soho Politico on Liberal Conspiracy that Tomasevski had “personally voted for a Lithuanian law that has been described as a harsher, more wide-reaching version of Britain’s Section 28.” On his own blog Soho Politico asked last week whether the Tories refused to to condemn the Lithuanian hate law to “appease [Valdemar Tomasevski] their anti-gay Euro ally.”

In the email from the Lithuanian politician’s office to this blogger, Tomasevski also set out his views on abortion. He said:

“I generally do not use the word “abortion”. This concept was invented by the Bolsheviks. Lenin was the first who introduced abortion laws. I prefer the term “killing unborn children.” Most of these abortions are made from ignorance.

“I do not want the absolute prohibition of abortion. There should be certain exceptions: If the woman’s life is at risk, if rape has taken place, where there is a risk of birth defects.

The remarks are likely to reopen doubts about David Cameron’s alliance with European politicians who show sexist and Islamophobic tendencies, deny the existence of climate change, and celebrate the Waffen SS.

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  1. Hoxton Councillors

    RT @leftfootfwd: Protect children from “evil” of homosexuality, says Cameron’s Lithuanian partner

  2. Carl

    The only children who should be encouraged to be homosexuals are homosexual children themselves, and then in this instance it’s not homosexuality encouragement, it’s allowing that child to express themselves and allowing them their correct identity. How do these people think teachers, parents the state etc are *encouraging* children to be homosexuals, if you’re not homosexual then you cannot be encouraged to be, to think that the opposite happens, and is sanctioned by any authority, is quite mad. Thus, Tomasevski is quite mad.

  3. Sarah Brown

    RT @snakeyjack: David Cameron’s EU pal describes homosexuality as an “evil” from which children should be protected

  4. Roger

    Somewhat puzzled that Cameron’s grab-bag euro-alliance includes both Lithuanian nationalists who actively idolise the Waffen-SS and the (presumably sole) representative of Lithuania’s Polish minority – who whatever other views they might hold are unlikely to have fond memories of the Nazi occupiers and their Quisling collaborators.

    Is there any unifying principle at all in that grouping?

  5. Roger

    Ah I see I do them a slight injustice – its Cameron’s Latvian allies who commemorate the Waffen-SS (the Lithuanian Quislings for some reason never got their own Waffen-SS division – although their auxilary police units killed many more Jews and others than the Latvians) and not the Lithuanians.

    However I suppose my main point still stands – what can Latvian ultra-nationalists and Lithuanian Poles have in common?

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