Social responsibility, higher education, the NHS and democracy

1. Implement a new ‘social responsibility levy’ on bonuses for those salaried over £200k annually, using the proceeds to create a PAYE Reward Fund to give a little back to the vast majority of the working population who pay their fair share of taxes upfront through PAYE.

2. Remove the anomalous £10 automatic Master’s degree awarded to Oxbridge graduates when the rest of the academic population have to work and study for at least a year for their MA.

3. Free higher education tuition for UK armed forces veterans, paid for by ending charitable status for private fee-paying schools.

4. Democratise NHS Primary Care Trust non-executive appointments by transferring responsibility for appointment from Secretary of State to the elected local authority.

5. Introduce a public right to table propositions before the Commons which must be debated and voted on if 5% public petition threshold is achieved.

Chris Leslie

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