Politics Summary: Wednesday, October 21st

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The Conservative party’s alliance with Polish and Latvian extremists was back in the news today with both the Times and Guardian reporting concerns in the White House that a future Tory government would be left isolated in Europe, a situation that might devalue the special relationship. The articles also give voice to strong criticism of the alliance from Jewish American groups, with Latvian-born Holocaust survivor George Schwarb telling the Guardian that “Churchill would turn in his grave”. Abraham Foxman, national director of America’s leading organisation against anti-Semitism, the Anti-Defamation League, added that the new European grouping with the likes of Michal Kaminski and Roberts Zile “legitimises extremism, bigotry, Holocaust denial and Holocaust revisionism”.

Britain’s leading Fascist, meanwhile, is centre-stage in many of today’s papers following his “despicable” attack on two former army chiefs, whom he compared to Nazi war criminals hanged at Nuremberg, a story covered by the Times, Telegraph, Independent and Mail, with the Guardian reporting that BNP members will definitely be in the audience for tomorrow’s Question Time – though the BBC still face the prospect of an eleventh-hour legal challenge by Peter Hain and anti-racism campaigners over their decision to invite Nick Griffin onto the show.

The Independent report the Lord Chief Justice’s defence of Parliament’s ancient rights to freedom of expression in the wake of the Trafigura case. Lord Judge described Parliamentary privilege as a “fundamental principle”, a “precious heritage” secured through the blood sacrifice of previous generations. The Guardian, the paper at the centre of the storm, publish the ‘super-injunction’ in full.

Afghan president Hamid Karzai’s belated concession of an election run-off is covered in the Telegraph, Independent and Guardian. Former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Ashdown, writing in the Independent, asks whether Karzai Mk-II – should he win the run-off – will be better than Karzai Mk-I. “When it comes to contemplating a second Karzai presidency in Afghanistan, we have a real chance to turn a problem into an opportunity,” he says. “We should grasp it.”

Gatwick Airport’s sale for £1.5 billion today could lead to a second runway at London’s second airport, reveals today’s Times. “The hope is that Gatwick can garner business from international airlines offering package holidays and destinations in far-flung locations while keeping low-cost carriers such as easyJet that fly to European destinations,” explains Business Correspondent David Robertson.

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